Dr. Christopher Bush ’01, ’03 MM Joins New England Conservatory as Director of Adult Education and Summer Programs, Ushering in a New Era of Programming for Adult Music Learners

New England Conservatory is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Christopher Bush ’01, ’03 MM as the new Director of Adult Education and Summer Programs. An accomplished clarinetist and dedicated music educator, Bush brings a wealth of experience and innovative ideas to his new role, aiming to expand and enrich the offerings for adult music learners of all experience levels at NEC.

A Distinguished Career

Christopher Bush

Bush maintains an impressive performance background, currently serving as principal clarinet with the Brooklyn Chamber Orchestra and the Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra. He has been a prominent figure in numerous ensembles, including the Harlem Chamber Players and Seoul Philharmonic. He has performed on prestigious stages worldwide, including Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and NEC’s Jordan Hall. Bush’s collaborations with renowned composers and his extensive recording work further highlight his illustrious career.

In addition to his performance credentials, Bush has dedicated more than 25 years to teaching the next generation of musicians. His students have gone on to perform with prominent orchestras and have earned acceptance into top-tier music schools. Bush's tenure at renowned institutions, including more than 15 years on the faculty at New York University, and his innovative approach to technology as a teaching tool underscore his commitment to excellence and accessibility in music education.

A New Vision for NEC’s Adult Education and Summer Programs

Bush’s appointment heralds a new era for NEC’s Adult Education and Summer Programs. His vision encompasses a broad and inclusive approach to music education, targeting adults of all ages and skill levels. This fall, NEC will reintroduce private lessons for adult learners spanning genres, including classical, jazz, contemporary musical arts, and composition. Ensembles, including chamber music and jazz, will also be available for adult learners. NEC’s expansion into online offerings includes the development of new pilot classes and lessons. Summer intensives in the art of chamber music are also being explored. 

Bush’s innovative ideas for the new era of Adult Education at NEC extend to collaborating with NEC’s Center for Cultural Equity and Belonging and Institute for Teaching Artistry to offer professional development opportunities for music teachers, emphasizing equity, diversity, and inclusion. Among other goals, he aims to provide resources and training for music educators to find and promote music by diverse composers and support the success of underrepresented music students. Other teacher training initiatives, including training in Kodály, Suzuki, and Orff methods, are also in the pipeline.

Bush is also exploring ways to reach non-English-speaking students interested in learning music, further solidifying NEC’s role as a comprehensive, inclusive institution offering high-quality music education for every background, skill level, and age group. 

A Commitment to NEC’s Mission

In line with NEC’s mission, Bush is dedicated to providing unparalleled access to top-tier music education. "The future of Adult Education and Summer Programs at NEC perfectly embodies our mission, providing opportunities for musicians of all ages to achieve artistic excellence and creative growth," he stated. "These programs harness our faculty’s expertise and our vibrant community to advance the transcendent power of music in today's world."

Bush’s goal is to broaden NEC’s reach and impact, allowing more individuals to experience the transformative power of music education. "What excites me about the future of Adult Education and Summer Programs at NEC is the opportunity to broaden our reach and impact," he said. "There are so many ways to reach music lovers and so many genres of music to explore. These programs will not only elevate musical skills but also foster personal growth, creativity, and a lifelong passion for the arts."

Join Us!

NEC invites all interested individuals to explore the new Adult Education offerings and experience the transformative power of music education. For more information and to sign up, click here.