Bernstein Exhibit and Hugh Wolff on Open Studio with Jared Bowen

WGBH's Open Studio with Jared Bowen explores the new Leonard Bernstein at 100 exhibit at NEC, which celebrates the centennial of the iconic American conductor and composer.

Jared Bowen open studios with Bernstein on screen


On WGBH's Open Studio program, Jared Bowen visited New England Conservatory to tour the new Leonard Bernstein at 100 exhibit, open now in the SLPC until November 11. At the exhibit, Bowen spoke with conductor Hugh Wolff, who periodically worked with Bernstein from the 1970s on. Wolff recalls that Bernstein was a "force of nature."

"He brought a classical musician's rigorous training, a love of the genre, and an awareness of musical theater and jazz that most classical musicians don't have. And in particular, a really good sense of musical drama," Wolff said of Bernstein's contributions to musical theater and Hollywood. 

Bowen also met with one of Bernstein's children, Alexander Bernstein. Of his father, Bernstein says, "He cared. He wanted to be loved and he wanted his work to be known and loved and understood for the terrific thing that it was."

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