Andrew Worden: Building an Entrepreneurial Skillset in Music

"Building a life in music and developing an entrepreneurial skillset to go along with it is a process, so be patient with yourself." — Andrew Worden, Faculty and Assistant Dean of Entrepreneurial Musicianship

EM grantee Rayna Chou combines architecture and music in Taiwan

Percussionist and composer Andrew Worden is Faculty and Assistant Dean of Entrepreneurial Musicianship at NEC. He writes about the "E" word and how to successfully build a life in music in his two part op-ed for Rhythm! Scene magazine.

Pro Tip: I sat on a grant panel one time where the final decision came down to two applicants. The applicants were tied equally until someone on the panel noted that, "This person has applied three years in a row, and I remember them. I think they really want it, and wow do they persevere." Guess who got the grant?

Read Part 1: Pitfalls

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