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Americans in Trondheim

As sole quartet representing the U.S. at Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition, NEC's Omer Quartet took second prize.

The 9th Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition concluded September 30 in Norway, with the Knut Lund Second Prize going to the Omer Quartet, who completed NEC's Professional String Quartet Training Program last spring. Their prize comes with a €10,000 purse. Members of the quartet are Mason Yu and Erica Tursi, violin; Jinsun Hong, viola; and Alex Cox, cello. During their time at NEC, the quartet studied with Paul Katz, director of the string quartet program, and other NEC faculty.

Ten quartets were admitted to compete in this competition, and the Omer Quartet was the only quartet from the United States. While the Trondheim International Chamber Music Festival is held annually, the competition occurs only in alternate years, and string quartets alternate with piano trios. So the opportunity for a quartet to compete only occurs once every four years.