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Nedelka F. Prescod walks life as a singer/songwriter, arranger and teacher. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nedelka released her first recording project, “Manifest” in May 2008. After moving to Boston from Brooklyn (2013), she released her single, “The Light” (2018) and her EP “The Un-Silenced Voice” (2020), both accessible on Bandcamp.

Nedelka has performed domestically and internationally in various genres. Her preference is the art of beautifully singing any song. Nedelka thoroughly enjoys creating curated live and virtual performances and community conversations, believing that artists have the ability to infinitely color and help transform the issues and wonders of their times.

A mother and the daughter of proud Panamanians, Nedelka is a student of Yale Divinity School working towards an MDiv, and is a virtual and brick and mortar community builder and speaker. Nedelka is independently interested in the unique expressions of sacred music, dance, and spirituality (culture) within the African Diaspora. A self-taught artisan of beaded and natural materials jewelry, she is also a bibliophile. Nedelka is currently on faculty at Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory in Boston, offering virtual ensemble coaching and private instrument coaching. Most recently Nedelka is the visionary for “The Un-Silenced Voice Project”, an endeavor that seeks “to empower the feminine voice (actual and artistic) affected by trauma to help bring necessary balance into our shared spaces.”

B.S. in music education and performance, New York University; M.A. in music education, CUNY Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music; M.M. in Contemporary Improvisation, New England Conservatory; M.Div. in progress, Yale Divinity School.

Nedelka Prescod will be on leave for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Video by Andrew Hurlbut