Registration Guidelines

The information on this page applies to Returning Students for the Fall 2022 semester. Information regarding Fall 2022 deadlines will be posted in this space. 

Step 1: Academic Advising

As a college student at New England Conservatory, you are required to meet with your Academic Advisor at least once per semester to track progress in your degree program, go over recommendations and requirements for the following semester, and discuss your academic plans. 

To prepare for this meeting, please consult the Academic Catalog concerning requirements for your program and major. We also recommend you look at the course schedule for Fall 2022, available through Powercampus Self Service (online instructions for access and use may be found here) beginning March 18, 2022; eventually a PDF will be available on the NEC website ​​​​.  Please plan on a wait of several days between the time you sign up and the time your appointment takes place.

Appointment schedules with the Academic Advisors will be posted using an online scheduling service. Students will be invited via their NEC email address to sign up for advising appointments based on the following schedule:

March 14

First email invitations for appointments sent; appointment schedules will normally be made available one week in advance of each advising period as indicated below.

March 28

Advising appointments begin for these groups of students:

  • December 2022* and all 2023  graduating students
  • All Tufts students
  • All Harvard students
  • All DMA students
April 18
Advising appointments begin for 2024 graduating students (students may begin signing up for appointments beginning April 11, 2022)
April 25
Advising appointments begin for 2025 graduating students (students may begin signing up for appointments beginning April 18, 2022)
Wednesday, May 4 Deadline for Academic Advising (all students)
  *Students graduating in December 2022 will benefit from scheduling their advising appointments early in the advising period.

At your appointment, your Academic Advisor will provide you with information and instructions to help you register for Fall 2022. You are encouraged to come with any questions you may have about curricular opportunities at NEC. Please note that you may not register for Fall 2022 until after you have met with your Academic Advisor.

See below for more information about registration. 

Step 2: Registration

After you have met with your Academic Advisor, you may proceed with registration for Fall 2022. Before you will be allowed to register, you must clear all administrative holds, including Academic Advising, Health Information, Business Office, Financial Aid, and Qualifying Degree. Please note that ALL students must register by May 4th. Students who register after this date will be charged the $250 late registration fee.

The schedule for most registration groups (both online and in person) is determined by current anticipated graduation year:

DMA students 

Monday, April 11 - Wednesday, May 4

All Tufts and Harvard students

Monday, April 18 - Wednesday, May 4

December 2022 graduating students

Monday, April 18 - Wednesday, May 4

2023 graduating students

Monday, April 18 - Wednesday, May 4

2024 graduating students Monday, April 25 - Wednesday, May 4
2025 graduating students Thursday, April 28 - Wednesday, May 4

Please follow these steps: 

  1. Online registration for the first registration group (DMA students) will open at 8 AM on April 11, 2022; each subsequent registration group will open at 8 AM on their start date. Registration will end for all students at 5 PM on May 4, 2022.
  2. After completing your registration process online, please proofread your schedule carefully to make sure it has been recorded properly. 
  3. Information regarding booking a hall for a Fall 2022 required recital will be sent to your NEC email account by the Concert Halls Office within the next few weeks. This information will also be available during your advising appointment. Please note that you must be registered for the recital prior to working with Concert Halls on obtaining a date.