Audition Repertoire for Artist Diploma

Prescreening Recording

Video prescreening recordings are required of all Artist Diploma applicants (including current NEC students) for the preliminary review round. Recordings must be uploaded as digital files to our online application by the December 1 application deadline and must be produced in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Each piece must be performed in a single, unedited take.
  • All tracks must be clearly numbered and labeled with composer's name, title of work, and movement.
  • Proper lighting should be used and camera should show full range of movement and use of instrument.
  • Recordings should be of the highest quality.

Audition repertoire for the prescreening video recording is detailed below. Please note that although applicants are not selected or rejected based on repertoire alone, the musical choices an applicant makes are considered an important indicator of artistic identity.

Artist Diploma in Opera

Prescreening video recordings should demonstrate the fullest range of the applicant's artistry. Include 5 or 6 selections in contrasting styles and at least 3 different languages, of which 4 or 5 should be opera arias, and 1 or 2 should be songs or oratorio arias. Applicants may choose their own repertoire. 

As noted above, current NEC students must submit the video prescreening recordings.

Artist Diploma in Instrumental Performance

Strings & Piano

Please choose a varied, recital-length program that best represents you as an artist, displaying musical sensibilities, technical accomplishment, and stylistic awareness. 

All other instruments

Applicants for the Artist Diploma in Instrumental Performance in areas other than strings or piano must submit a prescreening video recording of at least 40 minutes in length, principally from the standard repertoire. Selections should show contrast in style and technique, and demonstrate the fullest range of the applicant's artistry.  

Live Audition at NEC

Following committee review of the prescreening recording, applicants will be notified in mid-January as to whether they have been selected to perform a live audition at NEC. A live audition is required for admission consideration.

Those applicants invited for the live auditions must submit for committee approval their proposed repertoire (the equivalent of a full recital program). Live audition repertoire may include different pieces than the prescreening recording.