Improve technology in support of our educational goals

As with Facilities, planning participants agreed that enhanced technological capability should be a top priority for NEC because it will improve the student experience, strengthen the Conservatory’s competitive position, expand NEC’s visibility and communicative power, and possibly drive revenue.

Enhancements would include:

  • Educational Tools such as an Internet radio station, concerto practice room (that allows a soloist the opportunity to practice with customizable recorded orchestral accompaniment), concert hall upgrades to enable multimedia performances, more "smart classrooms," digital instrument library, digitalization of the library, and a score workshop for composition students.
  • Customer Service Tools that add service and convenience at the levels and standards enjoyed by our competitors: online course registration, audio streaming of recitals, Web-based course management, expanded Information Technology infrastructure, increased Wifi and Internet access across campus, increased bandwidth, soundproofed recording studios.
  • Technology Curriculum and Distance Learning through the Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education. Among the ideas for expanding the curriculum in the Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education are courses in music technology, such as software notation, recording technology, and audio engineering. Distance Learning through the School of Continuing Education could accommodate many more students than those able to come to the NEC campus, thereby increasing revenue potential.