In December and April, NEC offers An Exhilaration of Chamber Music. A Flight of Performances. A Richness of Artists.

You can indulge in piano trios, string quartets, and more, both day and night. Performers include resident ensembles the Borromeo String Quartet and Weilerstein Trio, the First Monday "family" of chamber music superstars, and the students coached by these great artists.

Throughout the year, student chamber music performances are coached by members of the New England Conservatory faculty who have themselves played the greatest works in the repertory. These are top artists on the international concert stage, either as members of full-time chamber ensembles or as soloists known for their love of collaborative music making.

Student Honors Ensembles, selected each fall by an outside jury, perform in NEC's Jordan Hall late in the spring semester.

Concert dates are in, program information will become available over the course of the year. For updates on NEC's chamber music concerts, bookmark this page, signup for NEC e-mail news, follow us at, or become a fan of

Upcoming performances

2015-02-28 Salfelder: Gold's Fool, Stolen from Above
2015-03-02 First Monday at Jordan Hall
2015-03-08 Huntington Quartet on Norway Pond
2015-03-09 Music for Food
2015-03-10 Sonata Night
2015-04-02 Music for Food
2015-04-02 Boston Trio
2015-04-06 First Monday at Jordan Hall
2015-04-19 Parker String Quartet + Weilerstein Trio
2015-04-21 Sonata Night
2015-04-22 Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time
2015-04-27 Music for Food
2015-05-04 First Monday at Jordan Hall
2015-05-05 Chamber Music Gala
2015-05-05 Chamber Music Gala
2015-05-07 NEC Classical Honors Ensembles
2015-05-11 NEC Classical Honors Ensembles
2015-05-12 NEC Classical Honors Ensembles
2015-05-13 NEC Classical Honors Ensembles
2015-05-24 NEC Preparatory School Chamber Music Festival
2015-06-02 NEC Preparatory School Chamber Music Showcase

Past performances

2014-09-22 chamber works by Ashley, Donatoni, Thomalla, Zorn
2014-09-23 new chamber works by NEC student composers
2014-09-25 Lee Hyla Memorial Concert
2014-09-28 Paul Biss + Friends
2014-10-04 Carol Ou
2014-10-06 First Monday at Jordan Hall
2014-10-28 Benjamin Wright
2014-11-03 First Monday at Jordan Hall
2014-11-06 Borromeo String Quartet
2014-11-16 Laurence Lesser
2014-12-01 First Monday at Jordan Hall
2014-12-01 Exhilaration of Chamber Music (2)
2014-12-03 Chamber Music Gala
2014-12-04 Exhilaration of Chamber Music (2)
2014-12-07 Exhilaration of Chamber Music (3)
2014-12-08 Beethoven and His Teachers
2014-12-09 Exhilaration of Chamber Music (2)
2014-12-11 Exhilaration of Chamber Music (2)
2015-01-13 Emmanuel Feldman
2015-01-20 Prokofiev + Respighi
2015-01-25 25 Years of Composer Anniversaries
2015-01-28 Schubert's Last Year
2015-01-31 Music for Food
2015-02-01 Prep Baroque Ensembles
2015-02-05 Chamber Music Gala
2015-02-08 Miriam Fried Studio Recital
2015-02-09 Ades, Stravinsky, Ligeti
2015-02-09 Natasha Brofsky Studio Recital
2015-02-10 Sonata Night: Schubert Duets for Violin and Piano