Voice Certificate

Our voice certificates are designed to help singers strengthen core technical skills, prepare for important auditions, and improve overall competitiveness among peers. The first months, and sometimes years, of a student's collegiate work center around stabilizing vocal technique. Singers who have the opportunity to secure their technique prior to starting their program are in a far better position to be selected for solo performance opportunities in the first years of their program of study, and to distinguish themselves as leaders.  The certificate program is designed to provide vocalists with just that opportunity. 


Voice Certificate Course Requirements Credits
Private Studio Lessons 16
Vocal Mechanics 1.5
Sight Singing I & II 3
Rhythm I & II 2
Ensemble 8
History 4
Music Technology 1
Electives 12.5
Final Recital 0
Total Credits Required 48

SCE Recommended Voice Electives


Mindfulness in Playing & Singing:  Alexander 

Mindfulness in Playing & Singing:  Alexander II 

Body Mapping 


History of Western Music I & II

Jazz History I & II 

History of Rock Music


Music Theory & Literacy I & II 

Music Theory & Literacy III & IV 

Developing Perfect Pitch I & II 

Jazz Theory I & II

Jazz Theory III & IV

Jazz Ear Training I & II 

Jazz Ear Training III 


Finale Notation and Chart Writing (Zoffer)


Applied Piano / Piano for Singers / Beginning Piano Class