Residence Life Policies

Residence Hall Conduct Expectations

The policies and procedures of the Residence Hall are designed to create a living environment that is conducive to the mission of New England Conservatory, allows residents to study and practice with unnecessary distraction, and is inclusive while offering opportunities for personal development.  Residence Hall staff is responsible for enforcing Conservatory policies within the Residence Hall. Support of and compliance with policies is the responsibility of each member of the NEC community. Violation of Residence Hall policies can lead to disciplinary action. Please refer to Disciplinary Code and Procedures for a full description. Incoming undergraduate students are required to live in the Residence Hall for their first four semesters at NEC. Housing exemptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and requests should be submitted to the Director of Residence Life and Housing. Students requesting an exemption from on-campus housing due to a medical diagnosis and/or disability, must submit the Request for Reasonable Housing Accommodations form to Disability Support Services.

Residence Hall Policies

For a full list of the Residence Hall policies, please reference the Housing Contract. All residents are required to submit a signed copy before move-in and are responsible for knowing and understanding all policies and procedures.  For any questions or clarifications needed for any Residence Hall policy, please contact the Resident Director.

Alcohol & Alcohol Paraphernalia

All students are expected to adhere to the NEC Alcohol Policy. Students living within the Residence Hall are also responsible for acknowledging and adhering to the below policy provisions:

  • Alcohol is only permitted in the rooms of residents who have been confirmed as 21 or older, who do not live with an underage roommate, and when persons under the age of 21 are not present. Compliance with the following regulations is required:
  • In accordance with the law, residents under the age of 21 are prohibited from having alcoholic beverages or containers (including empty containers or paraphernalia) in their rooms, and are also prohibited from being in a room where opened alcoholic beverages are present.
  • Residents who are 21 or older and who do not live with a resident who is under the age of 21 may who choose to use alcohol responsibly in their room. When alcohol is present, the resident will be held responsible for identifying and removing any person who is not of legal drinking age. Anytime alcohol is open and exposed, the door to the room must remain closed.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in common areas (hallway, lounge, bathroom, etc.) is prohibited, regardless of age.
  • Residents who are 21 or older must have the alcohol concealed in a bag upon entering the building, go directly to their room, and leave it in their room.
  • Alcohol may not be kept hallways, common areas, or in the communal fridge.
  • Students, regardless of age, are prohibited from being disorderly or destructive due to alcohol consumption while in the Residence Hall.  Students found to be disorderly will face disciplinary action. 
  • Beer kegs, beer bongs, or other manufactured and/or handmade alcohol receptacles whose purpose is to aid in the rapid ingestion of alcohol are forbidden in the Residence Hall.  This applies to all residents, regardless of age. These items will be confiscated and disciplinary action may apply.
  • Participation in games or activities intended to increase the rate of consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Alcohol that is present or being consumed in the Residence Hall in violation of the law or Residence Hall rules and regulations will be confiscated and disposed of. Students involved will face disciplinary action.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the streets of Boston or other public areas is prohibited by law.

Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia

Possession, use, and/or sale of any drugs by federal standards in the Residence Hall may result in immediate suspension and/or expulsion from campus housing and/or New England Conservatory. All students are expected to adhere to the NEC Drug Policy.

Prescription medication should only be in the possession of the patient to whom it is prescribed for the amount prescribed. The sale to or use of prescription medications for whom the medication in not prescribed may result in suspension and/or expulsion from the Residence Hall and/or New England Conservatory.

Any illegal drug and/or drug paraphernalia is not permitted within the Residence Hall and, upon suspicion and/or sight, may result in an immediate room search and may be subject to NEC Security or Boston Police turnover. Drug paraphernalia is defined as equipment, products and/or materials that are used, intended to use, designed for use, or have come in contact with any type of drug (illegal by federal standards).


Please see the NEC Guest Policy

Hall Sports

Due to the high probability of injury to a bystander or participant and the possibility of damage to the Residence Hall, unsupervised athletic contests, contests of physical skill or strength, and other sports-related activities, either of a traditional or improvised nature, are not permitted in the Residence Hall.


Residence Hall laundry facilities are for the use of NEC residents only. Clothing and other laundry items that are abandoned will be disposed of.


Floor lounges are to be kept clear of personal belongings at all times. Any objects left in the floor lounges will be confiscated and disposed of immediately. Conservatory-owned furniture in floor lounges may not be moved onto other floors or into students’ rooms. Floor lounges may not be used for sleeping, practicing/instrument playing, or any other activity deemed disruptive to the Residence Hall community.


Pets of any kind, including fish, are not permitted within the Residence Hall. For information on service and/or emotional support animals on campus, please see the Emotional Support/Assistance Animal Policy.

Quiet, Courtesy & Practicing Hours

Standard Quiet Hours

Weekday Hours (Sunday evenings - Friday mornings): 10:00pm - 10:00am

Weekend Hours (Friday evenings - Sunday mornings): 11:00pm - 11:00am

*Official NEC holidays or emergency closures extend weekend hours.*

Practicing (in your room) Hours

Weekday Hours (Monday-Friday): 10:00am – 9:00pm

Weekend Hours (Saturday and Sunday): 11:00am – 9:00pm

*Practicing is defined as any sound created by an instrument, but not exclusive to the voice, reed testing, or percussion instruments*

During these hours, it is the resident’s responsibility to maintain an acceptable level of quiet as outlined in the following guidelines:

  • After 9:00pm, practicing, playing and/or use of any instrument in the Residence Hall is not permitted. Room doors must remain closed whilst practicing and/or making instrument noises such as reed making.
  • Rehearsals involving two of more students are not permitted in student rooms.
  • Practicing (see above for definition) in a Residence Hal common space such as a lounge, bathroom, hallway, etc. is never permitted at any time of day, including singing in the shower.
  • Outside of quiet hours noise must not exceed a low muffled sound in an adjacent room. This includes conversations, noises from electronic devices, etc. These standards also apply in common spaces.
  • See Appliances and Electronic Devices for further regulations.

Courtesy Hours

Outside of quiet hours, residents are expected to respect other residents’ reasonable requests for quieter conditions. This includes but is not limited to practicing and rehearsals. Repeated violations of Quiet, Courtesy and/or Practicing Hours regulations may result in disciplinary action including possible suspension or expulsion from the Residence Hall.

Roofs, Ledges, Fire Escapes & Windows

Students are prohibited on rooftops or ledges.  Throwing objects from or into windows can be extremely dangerous, both to passersby and property below, and is prohibited in any college building. Disciplinary action may apply.