Student Billing

Billing Contact

Maria Montiel
College Receivables Accountant
(617) 585-1221

Invoice and Payment Due Dates

Exact payment due date is indicated on the student account invoice.

Fall Semester

Invoice – Mid July
Payment Due – Mid August (30 Days from Invoice date)*

Spring Semester

Invoice – 1st week of December
Payment Due – 1st week of January (30 days from Invoice date)

* For any payments that are received after the due date indicated on the Student Account Invoice, a $375 late payment fee will be assessed according to the following schedule: $150 on January 8, 2019, $125 on February 8, 2019, and $100 on March 8, 2019. 


There are three fees that are billed only once for the school year:  Health Insurance, Health Center Fee the dorm security deposit (if applicable) are only billed in the Fall Semester.  If you are a new student starting in the spring semester, you will be charged these fees during the Spring Semester.

Health Insurance

In the state of Massachusetts, health insurance is mandatory.  Gallagher Student Health Insurance Plan is our selected health insurance provider.  In order to waive insurance, your coverage must be comparable to the state’s mandatory plan.  To find out if you qualify to waive your insurance, visit:

Once you have decided to enroll/waive your insurance, please go to the Gallagher Student website at  Please be aware that access to this site is only available from end of June to August, and again in January (only for students enrolling in the spring semester).

Refund checks

Refund checks are issued when there is an overpayment on a student account or an acceptance of financial aid. Refund checks will be available (providing that funds have been disbursed to your account) only after the first to second week of school and throughout each semester as funds are disbursed to the student accounts.

Payment Plan

If you cannot make your tuition payment all at once, you may enroll in a payment program through Tuition Management Systems.  Once enrolled, you can pay your tuition balance in ten monthly installments.  There is a $110 enrollment fee and the payments are interest free.  You may contact them directly through their website: or call them at 1-800-722-4867.  Enrollment in the program must be completed prior to the due date on the Student Billing invoice due date.