Silkroad's Global Musician Workshop

The Global Musician Workshop (GMW) is Silkroad’s flagship musician training program. Created by Silkroad cellist Mike Block, it is designed to foster a community of globally minded musicians, helping artists to learn from one another’s traditions and incorporate them into their own voices. An all-star artist-faculty, including artists from the Grammy award-winning Silkroad Ensemble and their colleagues, teaches styles of music from across the world, representing a wide range of backgrounds and musical traditions from Afro-Latin to Arabic, Celtic, Malian, and more.

The week-long session includes daily small band rehearsals in preparation for public performances, as well as workshops, nightly jams, community building activities, and conversations about what it means to be a musician in the 21st century.

GMW is open to participants over 18 years of age, from any musical background: university and conservatory students, professional and amateur performers, and teachers with backgrounds in Western classical, jazz, world, or folk styles.

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