NEC Records Management

Records Management Policy: Overview

New England Conservatory (NEC) is committed to meeting its administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical obligations through the systematic and consistent management of all records, regardless of medium or format. This records management policy is designed to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations and industry best practices.

The effective management of NEC’s records will

  • meet legal standards for protection, storage, accessibility, and disposition;
  • protect the privacy of students, faculty, and staff as required by law;
  • ensure optimal and efficient usage of space and other resources;
  • promote a culture of clarity and transparency;
  • contribute to the documentation of the Conservatory’s historical records; and
  • support the effective governance and management of NEC


This policy applies to all employees of NEC, both staff and faculty, who create and/or maintain records in the course of the NEC’s academic and administrative business functions. The NEC Archives is responsible for developing and administering a records management program for the Conservatory, and will assist employees in understanding and implementing that program. The NEC Archivist/Records Manager will meet with representatives from individual NEC departments to determine the appropriate disposition for Conservatory records. These decisions will result in the creation of records retention schedules for each department.

All employees of NEC, both staff and faculty, are responsible for managing and maintaining the records they create and administer in compliance with the records retention schedules. The retention schedules apply to NEC records and information resources in all formats, including but not limited to paper records, electronic records, and information management system data.

Here is NEC's Records Retention Guidelines and Schedule for administrative staff.  If you have any questions, please contact NEC’s Archivist/Records Manager, Maryalice Perrin-Mohr at or 617-585-1252.