Contemporary Musical ARts Classes at Prep



Lautaro Mantilla, Instructor

Songwriting is designed to improve students’ skills in developing musical ideas and using songs as their compositional platform within a group class. This course is open to students ages 10+ from different NEC Prep departments, musical backgrounds, and instruments. Students will draw inspiration from a multitude of genres and through the class build the framework to be a songwriter who can work on both their own compositions and re-compositions of existing songs.

Principles of Rhythm

In this group rhythm and movement class, students will examine and improve rhythmic skills from the foundation up. This class, open to students from different departments and backgrounds, will provide tools for students to develop and internalize rhythm in ways that are applicable to all their musical practices. Conventional and unconventional instruments, body percussion, and movement techniques will be used to explore rhythms from all over the world.

Music Without Borders in the 21st Century

This class offers an introduction to current musical movements from around the world. The class will present a framework for students to develop their musical creativity while immersing themselves in different traditions based in World Music, Rhythm and Blues, and Contemporary Rock. Students will work and collaborate with each other to embrace ideas about structure, rhythm, and texture—pushing the boundaries of geography, genre, and style, while exploring the elements that connect all of them. Repertoire studied in the class will include 21st century music from Japan, India, Brazil, United States, and Iceland.

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