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NEC Prep Jazz Placements

Hi, and welcome to the NEC Prep Jazz Dept. Fall 2020/Spring 2021 school year.

This page gives you all the information and web links to online forms that you need in order to join the NEC Prep Jazz department.

We are able to do LIVE, real time jazz ensemble rehearsals and lessons from the safety of our homes this year for students within 500 miles of their NEC teachers as demonstrated by this 49 second clip of NEC Prep/Cont. Ed. Jazz Faculty jamming using new technology called SoundJack. We will also continue to use Zoom for classes.

All students must create an Embark account to start the process of joining the jazz program or any other program at NEC Prep. Embark allows students to upload their recordings for placement in all the programs at NEC Prep. The account for Embark should be created by whoever has the ability to upload recording files on behalf of a student (either the parent or the student). It requires an email address and a you will be asked to create a password. After you create an account and answer a few simple questions, select “Jazz” as the program you are interested in. Once you have created your account, you can upload files of your playing and login as often as you want to update your jazz recordings as you create them.

Returning students that had a Jazz Evaluation in the Spring 2020 semester on the instrument they play or sing in ensemble or lessons do not have to submit new Embark recordings, the jazz department chairs can just use their evaluation recordings from the Spring unless they want to submit new recordings. ALL jazz students (new and returning) need to start the process by clicking the Embark link below:

All students must complete the form below in order to audition.

Application Form 

The comprehensiveness of this form and your corresponding answers allow us to create a custom schedule based on each student's interests, aspirations, and availability. We appreciate your cooperation!

The "Prep Jazz Info" document at the bottom of this page document should answer most if not all of your questions regarding the Prep Jazz program and help you fill out the Prep Jazz Placement Form.

The "Equipment List" document, also at the bottom of the page, shows what equipment is needed to participate in live ensembles in real time from your home and includes links so you can order whatever equipment you may be missing. It is important that you order the equipment you need as soon as possible so our SoundJack Setup and technical support team can begin scheduling appointments for you and all our other Jazz students. Please note: Technical support will not be able to set up your SoundJack equipment until all the necessary equipment is in your possession and ready to configure including ethernet cables, audio interfaces, adapters, microphones, routers, audio cables and wired headphones. Many of our jazz students already have some or all of this necessary equipment already, so please carefully read the required equipment list provided so that you only purchase what you need. It is important that we get everyone configured properly to insure a good online experience for everybody!


To be placed in jazz ensembles, classes, or private lessons for any instrument/voice or subject, please complete the Embark form above and submit recordings. The Embark form will also have further instructions listed as well as specific jazz instrument/voice requirements.

Students interested in joining Youth Jazz Orchestra (YJO) must take a separate audition. More information on how to audition for YJO can be found here.

Placement Appointment

In addition to above Embark application, there are two more forms all jazz students must fill out to be placed in the jazz department schedule, and two more additional mandatory forms for new students that are optional for some returning students.

Please fill out this  Prep Jazz Placement Form  to indicate your interests in different classes, ensembles, and private lessons, as well as to provide some information about your general availability. This Prep Jazz Placement Form can only be submitted once, but the chair can edit the answers during Jazz Placement Appointments for new students, and as a result of emails from returning students. The comprehensiveness of this form and your corresponding answers allow us to create a custom schedule based on each student's interests, aspirations, and availability. We appreciate your cooperation!

Completion of this Prep Jazz Placement form does not constitute registration (payment). Even you have already registered, you must still fill out this form in order to be placed in the jazz course schedule.

Fill out this Jazz Technology Questionnaire right after you fill out the Jazz Placement Form. So much of our program is dependent on technology, so we need to know what computer and audio equipment you have in order to make recommendations if needed. The NEC SoundJack Setup Team cannot make an appointment with you until you have all the needed equipment.


1. All new students will need to fill out a Jazz Theory Placement Quiz, just so the chairs know what you are familiar with. On this quiz select the answer “I don’t know” (always the first answer) if a question looks unfamiliar to you. Please do not guess for the right answer, as the quiz is for placement, not a grade. Returning students that have not taken a NEC prep jazz theory class but are interested in a jazz theory class or Jazz Styles class starting this fall should also take this placement quiz. This quiz should be filled out before the jazz placement appointment below.

2. All new students will need to sign up for a Jazz Placement Appointment. If the dates and times do not work for you, please email for other options. At this Zoom appointment, which should include the student and at least one parent, the jazz dept. chair and assistant chair will review each student’s placement form. You must have submitted your Embark application and jazz placement form in order for the chairs to help you get placed in Jazz Lessons, Jazz Ensembles, and Jazz Private Lessons and edit your form answers during the appointment. It is critical that the jazz dept. chair and assistant chair hear your recordings in order to help place you with the appropriate ensemble, class and lesson teacher, so those forms, recordings and quizzes must be submitted 24 hours before the Jazz Placement Appointment. Students will also get an ear training placement quiz during the appointment, and then families will set up a follow up appointment so they get a few days to finalize their choices and the chair can edit the form for the last time.

Returning students that want to discuss options with the chairs and/or get an ear training placement (if they have not taken a NEC Prep jazz ear training class already) should schedule an appointment, but it is not required.

We look forward to working with you in the jazz department and appreciate you taking the time to read the documentation and fill out the forms.


Prep Jazz Equipment List

Prep Jazz Equipment List

Click here to download PDF.
Prep Jazz Info

Prep Jazz Info

Click here to download PDF.