Prep Jazz Placement


To sign up for a Jazz placement audition (jazz ensemble, classes, or private lessons), please follow the link under "New Jazz Students" or call the Prep Office at 617-585-1160.

Both new and returning jazz students must also complete an admission form by clicking hereCompletion of this form does not constitute registration or payment. If you have already registered, you must still fill out this form in order to be placed in the jazz course schedule.

Students interested in joining Youth Jazz Orchestra (YJO) must take a separate audition. More information on how to audition for YJO can be found here.

Audition Requirements

Students familiar with jazz music should be prepared to play two contrasting Jazz pieces, and if they would like to be in an ensemble or want accompaniment, they should bring charts in the concert key. Transcriptions or original compositions are acceptable, but not required.

Students who have not played jazz should be prepared to play any two contrasting pieces of their choice in whatever style of music they are currently familiar with.

Drummers should bring their own sticks, brushes, cymbals, and a hi-hat clutch if they have one (stand is not necessary).

Electric instrumentalists must bring their own cords to the audition. NEC will provide amplification at the audition, but students may bring their own amps if they like.

Vocalists will need their own microphones for rehearsals, but not the placement audition.

New Jazz Students

New students must complete the form below in order to audition.

Click here to sign up for a jazz placement!

The comprehensiveness of this form and your corresponding answers allow us to create a custom schedule based on each student's interests, aspirations, and availability. We appreciate your cooperation!

Returning Jazz Students

Returning students do not have to re-audition, but may choose to re-audition if they would like to by following the sign-up link above.

Jazz Theory Placements

For students interested in joining one of the Jazz Theory classes or the Jazz Styles class, please download the Jazz Theory Placement quiz below. This quiz must be completed before your placement audition with the Jazz Department Chairs. 

Download the Jazz Theory Placement Quiz below.

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Click here to download PDF.