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David Zoffer, chair

For detailed information about the Summer 2020 SCE Jazz Offerings, please reference the following document:

NEC Cont. Ed 2020-2021 Jazz Info

To participate in any Jazz offering, please complete the Jazz Placement & Scheduling Form as well as the Tech Form:

Scheduling Form


New students will need to create accounts. Returning students should use the current account. Completion of the Placement & Scheduling Form will allow us to tailor a program specifically for your schedule. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the SCE Office.

If interested in taking a Jazz Theory course, please complete the following Jazz Theory Placement Quiz prior to your placement meeting.

Jazz Theory Placement Quiz

A note on Fall 2020 online learning:

Whether online or in-person we remain dedicated to your growth as musicians and to keeping our community connected.

We are actively arranging virtual one-on-one placement meetings with our Department Chairs who are excited to get to know you and your musical aspirations.

To learn more, please email david.zoffer@necmusic.edu

Fall Jazz Offerings:

Jazz Composition
Jazz Ear Training I
Jazz Ear Training III
Jazz History I
Jazz Theory I
Jazz Theory III
Contemporary Music Production and Technology