Guitar Workshops and Recitals

The Preparatory School workshop/recital system offers students valuable performance experience and a wide range of viewpoints through direct feedback from various faculty. Students are recommended for workshops by their private teacher. After completion of the workshop, written reports made by another member of the faculty are available to the student. Students performing in workshops will normally play in a departmental recital the following week. Each student should participate in at least one workshop/recital per semester.

Preparatory student workshop/recital program are scheduled on Saturdays throughout the year. These are free and open to the public. Students are recommended for the corresponding recital based on their performance in the workshop. Students must be approved in the corresponding workshop in order to play that recital. If the student is approved but unavailable for that recital, they must sign up to participate in the next workshop and be approved again in order to play in the next recital. In addition to group recitals, students are encouraged to perform solo recitals at the end of the school year. All performances must be approved by the private teacher. All Performance Workshops occur on Saturdays at 11:00am. 



Students must be registered for at least 24 lessons per academic year with an NEC faculty member in order to participate in the guitar workshop/recital program.

All participating workshop/recital students are expected to stay for the entire hour of the workshop/recital (11am-12pm). 

Workshop Sign Up Policy:

Students will be signed up for the Guitar Workshop through their teacher. Students should let their teacher know if they are interested in performing in an upcoming workshop so that they can submit a request before the deadline. Please see below for when the teachers need to submit a form to have a student participate in an upcoming workshop. 

Workshop Time-length Policy:

All students have a strict time limit of 15 minutes maximum for the workshop. If a student plays additional movements or multiple pieces, all music must fit in no more than 15 minutes. No exceptions. Workshop monitors reserve the right to stop students with lengthy pieces in order to allow appropriate time for feedback for all students in the workshop.   

Memorization Policy:

In order to participate in the recital, students must play the piece completely from memory at the workshop and be approved by the workshop monitor. Memorization exceptions are made for collaborative sonatas and certain contemporary works in consultation with the private teacher and string department chair.

If you have any questions, please call 617-585-1160 or email the Prep office.

Guitar Workshop and Recital Schedule 2020-2021

Guitar Workshops and Recitals are for students who have a performance-ready piece. The piece must be memorized (exceptions are made for collaborative sonatas and certain contemporary works in consultation with the private teacher and string department chair). Students may request an NEC accompanist or bring their own. If their workshop performance is approved, they will play in the corresponding recital.

The schedule for the 2020-2021 Guitar Workshops will be updated soon.