Stories of Impact: Elise Kolle ’18

Elise Kolle

Fulbright grant winner Elise Kolle (BM/harp ’18, BM/Music History ’18) began playing harp at age five, but never imagined that one day she would join an influential niche of artist-scholars working to preserve priceless instruments and artifacts. As a small school where students enjoy unprecedented access to dedicated faculty members, NEC supported Elise’s interests by granting her special permission to enroll in a graduate level music history course on Bach’s sacred cantatas, an experience that would uncover her passion for organology (the study of musical instruments).

With the support of the Fulbright Commission, Elise will spend next year in Sweden working with the Nydahl Collection, which houses instruments and manuscripts spanning from 330BC to the 1920s. As a scholar-musician, Elise will research and play Baroque harps, keeping the unique traditions of the past alive for future generations.

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