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Jacob Vance

Jacob Vance

  • Liberal Arts
  • Graduate Languages: French

Jacob Vance joined the Graduate Languages Department at NEC in Spring 2014 and is French staff for NEC’s Foreign Language Center. He previously taught the French language at the University of Washington for three years and at Johns Hopkins for one and a half years. He holds a B.A. in English Literature and Western Society and Culture, an M.A in Comparative Literature, a DEA (or MA) in Early Modern European Culture and Civilization, and a PhD in Romance Languages and Literature. He has published a book and articles, as well as presented at conferences, on Renaissance literature and intellectual history. He has lived and studied in Canada, France and Switzerland, and has worked at the University of Washington, Johns Hopkins, and Emory University.  As a youth, he played the violin for twelve years and sang in a choir for three years.

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