Anna Webber Residency Concert

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Saxophonist, flutist, and composer Anna Webber, whose interests and work live in the aesthetic overlap between avant-garde jazz and new classical music, has been widely heralded for her “visionary and captivating” music (Wall Street Journal). A Guggenheim Award-winning composer who was recently appointed NEC Jazz Studies Co-Chair, Webber has released numerous critically acclaimed albums. This concert is the culmination of her NEC residency, and Webber will perform with NEC students she has coached, as well as with her Simple Trio featuring pianist Matt Mitchell and drummer John Hollenbeck. 

All music on tonight's program was composed by Anna Webber.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here:

  1. Music for Quartet


    Walking Piece

    Bonus Oats

    I Don't Want to be Happy

    Good Cauliflower


    • Anna Webber, flute, tenor saxophone
    • Kai Burns, guitar
    • Itay Goldstein, bass
    • Noah Mark, drums
  2. Music for Septet



    Idiom II


    • Anna Webber, flute, tenor saxophone
    • Shota Renwick, clarinet, tenor saxophone
    • Josh Gagnon, trombone
    • Hidemi Akaiwa, piano
    • Evan Haskin, guitar
    • Nick Isherwood, bass
    • Dominic Vance, drums
  3. Music for Trio





    Idiom VII


    Moveable Do


    Simple Trio

    Anna Webber has been working with her Simple Trio since 2013. The trio features bandmates John Hollenbeck on drums and Matt Mitchell on piano. The music of the Simple Trio highlights what The New York Times called the “range of the group members: fulminous, intense collective improvisation” in songs that feel like living things and lead the audience in different directions on each listen. Their third album, Idiom, was released to significant critical acclaim in 2021, following on the heels of two albums on Skirl Records:  Binary (2016) and SIMPLE (2014).

    • Simple Trio
    • Anna Webber, flute, bass flute, tenor saxophone
    • Matt Mitchell, piano
    • John Hollenbeck, drums