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Intercultural Institute


Georgian Vocal Polyphony

Adilei is an incredible group of Georgian singers, who not only impress with their vocal prowess and technical skills (especially when it comes to k'rimanchuli --a yodeling technique from the Western...

javanese gamelan

Javanese Gamelan Workshop

2:30 p.m. | Workshop: for NEC students only

Don’t miss this opportunity to try your hand at instruments of the Javanese Gamelan! Exclusively for NEC students.

4 p.m. | Concert: open to the public


Andrea Kalyn

A New Year’s Greeting from President Andrea Kalyn

Happy New Year!

I am delighted and honoured to be here in Boston at last, and most especially, to be part of the NEC community. I very much look forward to meeting you in the coming year, both on...

fence on grass

Tar Sands Songbook

New England Conservatory's Intercultural Institute and The NEC 2050 Forum present Tanya Kalmanovitch’s Tar Sands Songbook, a documentary performance about music, memory and oil.

An illuminating work...

Mbira instrument

Erica Azim presents the Mbira Music of Zimbabwe

Erica Azim will demonstrate the polyrhythmic aspects of the mbira music of Zimbabwe. Students will get to sing melodies or play on their instruments the mbira parts under the guidance of Erica.

Tanya Kalmanovitch 21CM

Tanya Kalmanovitch: How Quitting Music Made Me An Artist

"Much of what I now teach about art-making comes from my experiences between the ages of 22 and 30, when things fell apart." — Tanya Kalmanovitch, Contemporary Improvisation and Entrepreneurial Musicianship faculty