Vocal Mechanics

Probably the most important element of the singer's training is vocal technique—the set of rules governing healthy vocal production, carefully instilled through work with the experienced mentor. But rules that work for classical repertoire may not seem relevant for contemporary song styles. And in a world where singers choose to explore multiple singing styles, fundamental concepts of healthy singing can become unclear, and sometimes overly restrictive.

Vocal Mechanics is designed to prepare new singers for the studio lesson experience, and serves as a brilliant supplement for the veteran singer as well. Each week the class will explore a new vocal skill, the parts of the body that are responsible for its production and control, and the physiology (logic of the body) which governs its function. In this way, singers will gain a detailed knowledge of vocal function which better prepares them for the partnership of studio study, and sharpens their understanding through contrast of the various stylistic choices available to them.

Students are welcome to take this course concurrent with Applied Lessons, or may be placed with an Applied instructor following completion of the class.

  • Fall 2021
  • Spring 2022
Mark Lee Voice Mechanics