Enhanced Artistry: Presence and Ease in Performing Session I

In this experiential class we will learn the Alexander Technique principles which will help you practice and perform with more ease and freedom of movement. We will also address how performance anxiety affects the whole body: the mind gets cloudy and the body gets tense: not a good combination for a good performance! We will learn tools to feel more grounded and centered so we can function with more ease. We will work on specific mindfulness techniques for musicians which help develop the awareness of how we use our body in our playing and singing, and help change habits that cause tension and pain. We will address how we usually interfere with the body’s natural alignment and coordination and how to bring ourselves into a more centered, balanced, and a freer way to play and sing.

The class will be part lecture, awareness exercises, performing and coaching. For over 100 years the Alexander Technique has helped musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and others get rid of unnecessary tensions and perform with ease and enjoyment.

The Alexander Technique has been proven to:

  • Reduce back and neck pain
  • Reduce arm tension/pain
  • Optimize breathing
  • Help with stress
  • Improve posture
  • Facilitate movement
  • Provide a sense of being centered and fully connected with the music and audience
  • Enhance performance
  • Help with performance anxiety

I believe that if you use Alexander Technique skills to change your perception and develop great self-awareness, you can literally change your world. Clara Sandler is a phenomenal teacher, who is intelligent, engaging, talented, open-minded, and very kind. Anyone would be lucky to take her Alexander Technique class and be better off with it.

–Julia Nadeau, vocalist

Alexander Technique for Musicians I and II has helped me immeasurably. The deeper work within the context of the Alexander Technique lessons has opened up my approach to music and has helped me to be a more open and trusting person. I cannot recommend Clara Sandler's Alexander Technique for Musicians I and II classes enough!

–Lou-Anne Kroutil, Music Theory Certificate student

The class atmosphere is always positive as students give feedback to each other on their use of AT, and professor Sandler always gives excellent advice on how to use your body efficiently and eliminate your bad habits. Taking this course taught me how to avoid being stiff and also taught me the ways that I can deal with performance anxiety. I've seen significant improvement on my performance style as well...The Alexander Technique has helped improve my everyday life and my music life.

–Mari Kurita, Voice Certificate student

  • Spring 2022
Alexander Technique illustration of the human spine