Developing Perfect Pitch I

This course is based upon the unique ear training system, discovered and designed by Alla Elana Cohen. It was created to help professional or amateur musicians improve and refine their ear with the ultimate goal of acquiring perfect pitch.

Perfect Pitch is a skill and personal adjustment of the human ear to the row of musical pitches similar to the way the human hand adjusts to the keys of a piano. Perfect Pitch, like any skill, can be learned and mastered. The practice of the exercises, along with dedication and patience, contained in this course will help one realize the ears highest level of virtuosity.

The course material will consist of Alla Cohen's book Perfect Pitch for You. The weekly meetings for this course will consist specific auditory exercises designed to help improve the student's ability to perceive and recognize individual pitches not only on the piano but also with any instrument.

  • Fall 2021
Brian Buch