Continuing Education Tuition & Fees


School of Continuing Education Credit

The NEC School of Continuing Education offers SCE credit, which is distinct from NEC undergraduate or graduate credit, issued by the College Division. Each SCE credit is equal to 14-15 hours of instruction. In the case of private lessons, each 15-hour semester earns four credits, due to the concentration of study. The NEC School of Continuing Education is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. SCE credits may be applied to SCE certificate programs or transferred to outside institutions. Students who successfully complete the Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Professional Studies or Jazz Certificate programs in the School of Continuing Education and are accepted to New England Conservatory's College programs as an undergraduate or graduate student (a separate application is required) may apply to have up to four credits transferred towards elective credit in the college. Transfer credit will be evaluated in accordance with the guidelines in the NEC College Catalog. SCE courses offer an excellent preparation for students planning to enter a college music degree program but are not formal prerequisites for the NEC College Division.

Enrolling for Credit

Students taking courses for credit must participate in all class work and projects, take examinations, and will receive a letter grade upon completion of course requirements. They may request transcripts.

Enrolling for Non-Credit

Students taking courses for non-credit observe and participate in most classroom work. However, they do not take examinations or receive grades. They may request transcripts.

Private Lessons for Credit

Students are enrolled in SCE Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Professional Stuides or Jazz Certificate programs. To receive credit for private lessons, the student must pass Fall and Spring Semester Evaluation Exams.

Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations take the place of one lesson of the fall and spring semesters. They are optional for adults taking non-credit private lessons but are required for students registered for studio-for-credit. The student (typically enrolled in a Certificate program) performs an audition of appropriate technique and repertoire for a panel of at least two faculty members other than the student’s own teacher. The panel provides an assessment of progress and achievement and approves the awarding of credit.

Certificate Deposits

Accepted certificate students will need to put down a deposit of $500 within 10 days in order to hold their place in the certificate program.


Registration Fee

All registrations must be accompanied by a $40 registration fee.

Course Fees

Since tuition may vary, please check the listing for each course.

Private Lesson Fees

Please note that while rates apply for most of our instructors, some instructors do charge higher rates.  If you are unsure of the rate of your instructor, please contact the SCE office at 617-585-1701. Please visit the Private Studio Instruction page for pricing information.

Late Fee

Late registrations will be accessed a $50 late registration fee.  Registrations are considered late after two class meetings have taken place.