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Welcome to the SCE Voice Program

NEC's reputation for fine performance is legendary.  So it is no surprise that many adult learners question whether they "measure up" to study with us.  To all of these singers I say "Welcome to the NEC School of Continuing Education"!

With the advent of critical discoveries in voice science, training that was once reserved only for the "talented few" now serves the broader community of singers, allowing us to effectively address the deficits of the amateur, and continue to sharpen the skills of the professional.

Starting with the initial interview at NEC, fundamental skill sets are carefully scrutinized and training is begun.  Core skills relating to effective tone production, dynamic control, and range development form the bedrock of the singer's training.  Singers learn the critical tools to maintain vocal health and vigor, then through numerous courses and performance opportunities, explore diverse music styles, languages and musical challenges.

Whether you are a professional, semi-professional or amateur singer, we have the tools to help you take your performance to the next level.

Welcome to the SCE!


Mark Lee
Voice Department Chair

Masterclasses & Recitals:

Students enrolled in private lessons at NEC are eligible to participate in voice workshops, masterclasses and numerous recitals.

Past events have featured a wide variety of performers, coaches and voice scientists. These trainings enrich the student experience, and encourage a fuller discourse with our own faculty about all aspects of the artistic experience.

SCE Voice Dept Events 2019-2020:

October 26th 6:30pm, Department Concert, Pierce Hall

November 23rd 8pm, Voice/Chamber Music Collaborative Concert, Pierce Hall

December 7th 6:30pm, Department Concert, Pierce Hall

December 13th, 5:00 pm, Voice Dept. Evaluations, JH 102, JH 103, JH 118

March 21st 6:30pm, Department Concert, Williams Hall

April 17th, 5:00 pm, Voice Dept. Evaluations, JH 102, JH 103, JH 118

May 15th, 5:00 pm, Voice Dept. Evaluations, JH 102, JH 103, JH 118

May 9th 6:30pm, Department Concert, Williams Hall


Private Lessons:

Individualized voice lessons form the backbone of the Conservatory Model. Through one-on-one mentorship and coaching, students explore both traditional and modern technical strategies and diverse musical repertoire.

Beginning and Intermediate level singers

Following a Placement Audition/Interview with our Voice Chair, students are placed with a voice teacher who will serve as their guide, and who can help them establish a technical foundation and conquer their vocal challenges. (We recommend students consider their first lesson with their new teacher as a “Trial” lesson, and to fully discuss their personal goals for study, as well as any vocal challenges, to ensure that the placement is a good “fit”.)


Professional / Pre-professional Singers

For the more experienced, SCE Voice provides Individualized Skill Assessments. Whether a singer seeks an independent evaluation of their skill sets as a benchmark for their continued work, or needs help targeting a specific technical issue, an Individualized Assessment is an important new option for the Professional singer. Following assessment, singers are provided with clear, objective feedback about their current skill set. Where desired, this may be followed with targeted training to address any specific deficits identified. The important distinction—training is not based upon “starting from scratch”, but simply targets the weak skill set and strives to integrate the solution into the singers current framework. Training sessions are scheduled as needed.

For more information, or to schedule a Placement Interview or a Professional Assessment, contact the Continuing Education Office at 617-585-1701 or ContinuingEducation@necmusic.edu