Student I.D.

ID Cards

NEC uses an ID card called the Penguin Pass. All faculty, staff, and students are required to receive a card, as this ID is also a smart card that will allow access to our buildings and certain areas within them.

You can save time and submit a photograph online so that your ID will be ready upon your arrival. The Penguin Pass can be used to purchase meals, use vending machines, borrow library materials, make photocopies, gain access to certain areas of our buildings, and is also accepted by several local merchants (such as Symphony Market and Cappy's Pizza). 

There are three options for submitting a photo:

Option1: Attach a digital photo to an email and send it to Make sure to include the words "Photo ID" in the subject line of the email. In the text of the email include your legal name and "SCE student."

Requirements for the Photograph:

  • Photos should be in color, and recent enough to be a good likeness of you; taken within the last six months.
  • You must be the only person in the photo.
  • Photos must be head shots that measure at least one inch in length.
  • Photos must be clear, facing forward, full face, from the top of the head to at least mid-chest level, taken in normal street attire without a hat or sunglasses or any other obstruction of the face, including head resting on hands.
  • Photos should be taken agains a plain light background, preferably a white background.
  • Digital photos must be in jpeg/jpg format.

Option 2: Get your photo ID taken in the 241 St. Botolph building room 106

Option 3: Call NEC's Building Operations office at 617-585-1176 to schedule an appointment.

Once your photo has been received, please allow one week for processing.

Your ID will then be avaialble for pickup at the 241 St. Botolph Street building.