Lessons at SCE

Whatever your musical goals, lessons at SCE can help you get where you want to go.

Study one-on-one with our exceptional School of Continuing Education (SCE) faculty with lessons in voice and all instrument families. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a total rookie, private lessons are available at all levels in classical, jazz, contemporary improvisation, and world music styles.

18th Century Counterpoint | Accordion | Baroque Improvisation | Double Bass | Bassoon
Cello | Clarinet | Composition | Conducting | Contemporary Improvisation
Flute | French Horn | Guitar | Harp | Harpsichord | Jazz Bass | Jazz Composition
Jazz Guitar | Jazz Improvisation | Jazz Percussion | Jazz Piano | Jazz Saxophone
Jazz Theory | Jazz Trombone | Jazz Trumpet | Jazz Violin | Jazz Voice | Modal Counterpoint
Oboe | Organ | Percussion | Piano | Recorder | Saxophone | Theory
Trombone | Trumpet | Tuba | Viola | Violin | Voice

Register for Spring 2022

  • Placement meetings. Get matched with your teacher! Before you register for your lessons, you'll digitally meet with our department chairs, who will match you with a teacher who will match your needs.
  • September 8, Fall semester begins!
  • To schedule your placement meeting, contact us now

Getting started:

  1. Contact the School of Continuing Education and tell us about your interests.  Email: continuingeducation@necmusic.edu
  2. We'll set up an informal meeting for you to meet one of our department chairs. You'll share where you are now and where you want to go, and our department chair will offer a personalized recommendation for which teacher will be a good fit for you.
  3. Once you've been matched with a teacher, it's time to register!

Register for Private Lessons

Register for Private Lessons

Are you interested in learning the piano or returning to your piano playing? For beginners, this class provides a welcoming and easy introduction to the keyboard. You will learn note-reading and rhythm skills and will develop technique to play repertoire at your skill level. No prior keyboard experience is required. If you have had experience playing piano, or have participated in a previous session, through personalized instruction this class can help you boost your technique and progress to a more advanced level of repertoire. The class set-up can accommodate varying beginning skill levels and can be customized for returning and continuing students.

Private Lesson Fees (2021-2022)

Non-Credit Lessons:

Starting Fall 2021, non-credit private lessons have been reformatted. Below are the 3 registration options available to students interested in non-credit lessons, including how they may be broken down into 30 and 45-minute lessons. The rate for lessons is $120/hr.

7 hrs/semester: $840 10hrs/semester $1,200 15hrs/semester: $1,800
7 x 60-minute lessons 10 x 60-minute lessons 15 x 60-minute lessons
9 x 45-minute lessons 13 x 45-minute lessons  
14 x 30-minute lessons    

For-Credit Lessons:

Students registered for lessons for-credit are typically enrolled in our Certificate Program.  For-credit students receive a faculty panel evaluation at the end of each semester.  Beginning Fall 2021 a $30.00 evaluation fee will be charged, however students will no longer be required to exchange a full lesson for their evaluation.   

Number of Credits Number of Lessons Tuition
2 Credits 15 x 30-minutes (7.5 hours) $1,600
3 Credits 15 x 45-minutes (11.25 hours) $2,400
4 Credits 15 x 60-minutes (15 hours) $3,200

Please Note:

  • Some instructors' fees may be higher.
  • Students must have permission from their instructor to break down lessons into 45 or 30-minute intervals.

More with Private Lessons:

Stellar faculty

Our School of Continuing Education faculty are accomplished, inspiring, and ready to welcome you—whether you're a nervous beginner or a seasoned professional. Browse SCE faculty

Certificate programs

Private Studio instruction is at the core of our certificate programs. More about Certificate Programs


SCE students are encouraged to perform in masterclasses and recitals that occur throughout the academic year. While studying online, students have access to virtual workshops and performance opportunities. Certificate students are required to perform a solo recital as a capstone experience.

Private instruction in performance practice

In addition to traditional lessons, private lessons are available in composition, conducting, jazz arranging, music theory, musical sight reading, orchestration, and music technology. To inquire about these lessons, contact the SCE office