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Guitar at CE

Devin Ulibarri, chair


To arrange for lessons on guitar or any other instrument please see our Lessons page.


Group Guitar, Level 1


Devin Ulibarri, Instructor
Wed 6:30-7:30pm
1 credit: $725
Non-credit: $490


Are you interested in improving your basic guitar skills in a low-pressure, fun, and motivating environment? NO PRIOR MUSICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. This beginner group guitar class is aimed at students currently unfamiliar with the instrument who would like to try.  Instructor, Devin Ulibarri, is a skilled teacher who can take you from your current level--wherever your current level is--and bring you to the next level. The class will cover the basics of musicianship important to the guitar, foundational guitar technique, and performance skills.  Students will leave with improved confidence in their own abilities and be prepared to start learning intermediate repertoire.

Group Guitar, Level 2

This class builds upon skills learned in the Group guitar, Level 1 course. Students are expected to read simple standard music notation for guitar. More in-depth musicianship skills and guitar technique will be explored.  Small group class performances are required throughout the course session to showcase and reflect upon current progress. Students who complete all class requirements will be prepared to play in ensembles, excel in private lessons, and share their music for friends and family.

Prerequisite: Beginner Group Guitar for Adults, Level 1

Certificate Programs

Certificate of Merit and Professional Studies certificates are available in classical guitar.  A Jazz certificate is also available for jazz guitar.  Check out our Certificates page for more information.


These courses are a rewarding way for guitarists to make music with other people while improving their own musical skills. A fun alternative to the private lesson format, playing in a group can be less challenging in some ways, and more challenging in others! Small group size encourages interaction, and allows for individual attention when needed. Ensemble work is an excellent way to sharpen your fundamental musicianship, while also enjoying the dynamics of playing in a group setting.


Guitar Ensemble

1 CE credit $725
Non-credit $490

Class by audition only. Please contact SCE Guitar Dept. Chair, Devin Ulibarri, for availability.  Make beautiful music together! Experienced NEC School of Continuing Education (SCE) Guitar students will work together with other SCE students to prepare beautiful guitar music for performance. Repertoire will be chosen based on programming and challenge-level. Musicianship will be a main point of focus, so it is imperative that all students set adequate time aside to practice their parts and prepare for coached rehearsals with knowledgeable NEC faculty.

This class will get your group "Performance Ready"!

For more information and placement interview, please contact the Continuing Education Office at