SCE Jazz Certificate

The teachers are great. Very clear and excited by the material. Their personalities really encourage participating.
SCE Jazz Department
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Jazz at NEC's SCE is a program that invites you to explore playing in ensembles, take private lessons, jazz composition, theory and much more.

This national leading two-year program is composed of essential jazz courses that support the skills necessary to ACT AS A BAND LEADER at the conclusion of the fourth semester.

For music teachers, international students, or anyone interested in intense jazz training, this program is an extremely cost effective way to study jazz in the U.S. in a setting that has a highly personalized approach to teaching with significant access to private studio instruction as well as small class ensemble sizes.

Some students have successfully used this program as a preparation for both undergraduate and masters jazz degree program auditions. Others have used this program as part of their professional development, and many students come to this program simply to immerse themselves in jazz studies for two years.

Each semester requires a minimum of 12 credits for full-time students. For students who are able to waive Jazz Theory 1 or Jazz Ear Training 1, other elective, jazz ensemble, or private lesson credit may be substituted.

Jazz Certificate Course Requirements Credits
Jazz Studio 1 & 2/Private Lessons 22
Jazz History I & II 2
Jazz Theory I & II 3
Jazz Theory III & IV 3
Jazz Composition & Arranging 3
Ensemble 9
Jazz Ear Training I & II 2
Jazz Ear Training III & IV 2
Music Technology I 1
Chart Writing 1
Final Recital (Capstone-Completion of Certificate) 0
Total Credits Required 48