SCE Contemporary Improvisation Certificate

As a student in the CE Contemporary Improvisation (CI) program, you will have the opportunity to develop a unique, personal style of improvisation through a course of study tailored to suit your musical interests.

This innovative program guides students through an exploration of improvisation and performance techniques in a broad range of styles, including jazz, 20th-century composition, and folk music from around the world. Classes focus on performance skills, creativity, and aural training, developing personal style through listening to and embodying the musical nuances of great artists throughout history.

In private lessons and ensembles, you will develop a strong foundation in form, structure, aural skills, and technical proficiency as you soar to new musical heights. Teachers will lead you along the path that best suits your needs, allowing you to shape your work around the artists or genres most relevant to your musical personality.

Through this process of listening, assimilating, and re-creating, a synthesis takes place, and your unique musical voice begins to emerge.

Contemporary Improvisation Certificate Course Requirements Credits
Private Lessons 16
CI ensemble 4
Skill Building 16
Music of the World 8
Music Technology 1
Approved Specified Electives 3
Recital 0
Total Credits Required 48