Millie Paddock

Portrait of Millie Paddock

Millie June Paddock was from Pawlet, VT. She attended NEC from 1912-1914, earning her diploma in piano as a teacher in June 1914. Paddock’s piano instructor was Charles Dennee. Some of her other instructors included: Louis C. Elson (Theory), Harry N. Redman (Harmony, Analysis), Clement Lenom (Solfegge), and Clayton D. Gilbert (Stage Deportment). While studying at NEC, Paddock lived in Frost Hall. Possible dates: 1892-1950 (no confirmation). Possible married name: Capen (no confirmation)

Physical description

This collection, stored in one document case, consists of three small notebooks, seven medium sized notebooks and one yearbook.


This collection of materials was donated to the NEC Archives in November 2009 by the Elk Grove Historical Museum in Elk Grove Village, IL, through their Museum Coordinator, Sandy Denniger.


Access to the Paddock Papers is granted by the NEC Archivist.  Appointments must be scheduled in advance. There are no restrictions pertaining to this collection.


All copyrights to this collection belong to the New England Conservatory. Permission to publish materials from this collection is granted by the Director of Libraries. This collection should be cited as: NECA 18.22. Millie Paddock Papers, New England Conservatory Archives, Boston, MA.

Scope & Content

The Millie Paddock Papers are organized into two series: notebooks and yearbooks. Listed here are some of the topics covered in each notebook. The notebooks have been numbered randomly by the NEC Archivist.

Small notebook #1 – Teacher’s meetings notes, Stage Deportment, General class

Small notebook #2 – English literature, Orchestra music, harmony, History of Music

Small notebook #3 – A. D. Turner’s pianoforte course, Teacher’s meetings, Normal lecture, Stage Deportment, messages from friends (similar to a yearbook signing)

Large notebook #1 - Hand exercises, finger exercises, Teacher’s meetings, General class, Hand Culture

Large notebook #2 – Drama, English literature

Large notebook #3 – Theory (includes acoustics, rhythm, accents, metronome, slurs trills, grace notes, meter, etc). Also includes discussion of forms – cyclic form, scherzo, rondo, song, overtures, symphonic rondo, cadenza, canon, fugue etc.

Large notebook #4 – Stage Deportment, Normal Course

Large notebook #5 – Harmony, Piano studies with Mr. Dennee

Large notebook #6 – Orchestra lecture (includes discussion of acoustics and various orchestral instruments)

Large notebook #7 (labeled Student Notebook) contains jokes

1913 Yearbook (The Neume), Annotated, name listed on p.73, printed as “Willie” instead of “Millie”