Boris Goldovsky

Boris Goldovsky was born on June 7, 1908 in Moscow, the son of famed violinist Lea Luboshutz and the nephew of pianist Pierre Luboshutz. From 1918-1921, Goldovsky studied piano with his uncle and took courses at the Moscow Conservatory. At the age of 13, Goldovsky made his debut as a pianist appearing with the Berlin Philharmonic. He continued his studies with Artur Schnabel and Leonid Kreutzer at the Berlin Academy of Music from 1921 to 1923. Subsequently, he studied with composer Ernst von Dohnanyi at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.

In 1930, Goldovsky moved to Philadelphia to study at the Curtis Institute of Music, where his mother was on the faculty. While at Curtis, Goldovsky became an assistant to conductor Fritz Reiner and also worked as an opera coach. (He would return to teach at Curtis in the late 1970s until 1985)  In 1936, Goldovsky was offered a position directing the opera program at the Cleveland Institute of Music, where he remained for six years. Goldovsky moved again in 1942, to Boston, where he held the position of opera director at the New England Conservatory until 1965. 

During the summers of 1946-1962, Goldovsky also served as the director of the opera program at the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood, where he worked with renowned conductor Serge Koussevitzky. In addition to these positions, Goldovsky founded the New England Opera Theater in 1946, which later became known as the Goldovsky Opera Theater in 1962. This ensemble produced operas in Boston and toured throughout the United States until 1984. Goldovsky was a strong advocate for operas being produced in English, and he himself wrote translations for many libretti. Renowned baritone Sherrill Milnes described Goldovsky as “one of the most important popularizers of opera in our time.”

Goldovsky, however, was probably best known to the American public for his Texaco-sponsored radio broadcasts of intermission commentary (the Texaco Opera Quiz and Opera News on the Air) during Saturday matinee performances of the Metropolitan Opera. Goldovsky had his Met broadcast debut in 1943; his last would be nearly fifty years later in 1990. In 1954 Goldovsky received a Peabody Award for Outstanding Contributions to Radio Music.

Boris Goldovsky married opera singer Margaret Codd on December 30, 1933.  The couple had two children: Michael, born in 1937 and Marina, born in 1939.  Mr. Goldovsky died at his home in Brookline, MA on February 15, 2001 at the age of 92.


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Physical description

The Goldovsky collection consists of four manuscript boxes and two drop front boxes; approximately 2 lin. ft. made up of paper records and photographs.


The Boris Goldovsky collection was acquired by the New England Conservatory's Director of Libraries after the death of Mr. Goldovsky in 2001.


Access to the Boris Goldovsky Collection is granted by the Archivist, New England Conservatory of Music. To view an online exhibit about Goldovsky, click here: Online Exhibit


All copyrights to this collection belong to the New England Conservatory. Permission to publish materials from this collection is granted by the Director of Libraries. This collection should be cited as the Boris Goldovsky Collection, New England Conservatory Archives, Boston, MA.

Scope & Content

The Boris Goldovsky collection is organized into eight series:

  1. Performance records/Programs
  2. Administrative records
  3. Press/Publicity records
  4. Correspondence
  5. Writings/Libretti
  6. Photographs
  7. Subject files
  8. Recordings   

The performance records/programs series includes programs from the New England Opera Theater and the Goldovsky Opera Theater; souvenir booklets (with libretti) for the NE Opera Theater productions of The Barber of Seville and The Secret Marriage; a souvenir booklet for the Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater production of La Boheme; a souvenir booklet dedicated to the first fifteen years of the New England Opera Theater; and performance/cast lists for the New England Opera Theater and the performance list from the opera workshop at Tanglewood. The last folder in the series contains a schedule the set-up (scenery, props etc.) for Cosi fan tutte, blueprints of set designs for The Trojans, and a Fall 1980 tour itinerary for the Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater’s production of The Barber of Seville, and a thank you card from the company’s manager.

Series two contains administrative records for the New England Opera Theater, including articles of incorporation, by-laws, meeting minutes (1962-1963) and contracts. Also found in this series are the Administrative records for the Goldovsky Opera Institute, including articles of incorporation, by-laws, meeting minutes (1963-1964), contracts, correspondence, financial statements and reports.

The third series consists of press/publicity Records. These include newspaper articles spanning the years 1932-1982, with the majority being from the late 1950s to the early 1980s. These articles are primarily reviews of opera productions or articles advertising the productions. There are also several articles about Goldovsky himself. Also included are posters/flyers advertising Goldovsky recitals, opera productions, and lectures, as well as a brochure for the piano duo Luboshutz and Nemenoff and a few advertisements for stagecraft.

The fourth series simply consists of one folder of correspondence. The majority of this correspondence is in regards to Goldovsky's 80th birthday in 1988.

The fifth series consists of Writings/Libretti, most of which were written or translated by Goldovsky himself. Goldovsky’s own libretti in English translation include: The Turk in Italy, The Bartered Bride, Idomeneo, Carmen, and La Traviata. There are two additional libretti in this collection that were not translated by Goldovsky: The Death of a Fascist and Falstaff.

Chapter drafts, a typed and edited complete manuscript, and a proof copy of Goldovsky’s memoir My Road to Opera are contained in this series. Other writings include: The Riddle of Musical Tempo; History in Opera, a Verdi Trilogy; Note on Rigoletto; a booklet titled, The Story of the Goldovsky Opera Institute; articles entitled “Opera in English,” and “Touring the Opera”; a draft of and master copy of  “Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen: Intermission Scripts from the Met Broadcasts"; and a typewritten essay, “Forgettable Characters I Meet.”

The largest series in this collection is made up of photographs. The photographs have been organized into several categories: press photos/head shots of Goldovsky; candids of Goldovsky; professional and social occasion photos; personal and family photos; rehearsal and tour photos; press photos of individual singers (organized alphabetically by the singer’s last name); opera production photos; scene sketches; set design and construction photos; historical opera character sketches; historical opera singer photos; and photos of composers (color illustrations from a publication.)

The opera production photos are organized into three categories: identified photos, photos with possible identification, and unidentified. The photos that are categorized as identified are those that had information written on the back of the photograph or the exact image was located in a publication (generally one of the souvenir booklets). Photos with possible identification were labeled by comparison to the identified photos, consultation with the repertoire lists of the New England Opera Theater and Tanglewood, information from souvenir booklets, and the location of the photographer’s studio. While some of these are certainly correct, the identifications of others may be mistaken. These two categories of photographs, those with positive identification and possible identification, are organized alphabetically by the name of the opera. There are three folders of unidentified opera production photographs. The last of these three folders most likely contains photos from Tanglewood performances as they have the Whitestone photographer’s stamp on them and this studio was based in Lenox, MA.

The first of the subject files contains biographical information about Goldovsky including two biographical sketches (one of which also includes a biographical entry for composer Jan Meyerowitz), a faculty questionnaire from NEC, the citation for Goldovksy’s Peabody award, and a Distinguished Service Award from the Rotary Club. Several folders document the sale of the Goldovsky Opera Library to Northwestern University, and subsequent additions to that library. Finally, there is one folder containing the will, and related materials, of Pierre Luboshutz, Goldovsky's uncle.

The recordings in this collection primarily relate to the Goldovsky Centennial Celebration that was held at New England Conservatory in October 2008. These include "Remarks for Boris Goldovsky's Memorial Event by Irene Goldovsky Wolf"; "Boris Goldovsky Centennial Program"; "Boris Goldovsky Memorial Video"; and Boris Goldovsky, interview from the CBS Sunday Morning show from February 20, 1983 that was shown at the Centennial event. Included with these recordings are programs and flyers from the Centennial event.  Other recordings include a performance of "Il Pescoballo: Opera seria in un Atto" presented by the Harvard Musical Association on February 6, 1959 in which Goldovsky plays the role of Gen. Panjandrum Fac Totum.  There is also a recording entitled "Mr. Opera: Recollections of the Metropolitan Opera/Texaco Intermission Broadcasts with Boris Goldovsky", as well as one other recording entitled "Boris Goldovsky's companion to Bizet's Carmen."


Container List

Series 1: Performance records/Programs

Box 1

Box 1 - Folder 1
Programs, New England Opera Theater, 1946-1949
Box 1 – Folder 2
Concert Programs, New England Opera Theater, 1950-1955
Box 1 – Folder 3
Concert Programs, New England Opera Theater, 1956-1958
Box 1 – Folder 4
Concert Programs, New England Opera Theater, 1960-1962
Box 1 – Folder 5
Concert Programs, Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater
Box 1 – Folder 6
Programs, Other
Box 1 – Folder 7
Repertoire/casts, New England Opera Theater, 1946-1962
Box 1 – Folder 8
Souvenir book & libretto, New England Opera Theater, The Barber of Seville
Box 1 – Folder 9
Souvenir book and libretto, New England Opera Theater, Don Pasquale
Box 1 – Folder 10
Souvenir book & libretto, New England Opera Theater, The Secret Marriage
Box 1 – Folder 11
Souvenir book, New England Opera Theater, The First Fifteen Years
Box 1 – Folder 12
Souvenir book, Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater, La Boheme

Series 2: Administrative Records

Box 1 – Folder 14
New England Opera Theater, Articles of Incorporation/By-Laws
Box 1 – Folder 15
New England Opera Theater, Contracts
Box 1 – Folder 16
New England Opera Theater, Meeting Minutes, 1962
Box 1 – Folder 17
New England Opera Theater, Meeting Minutes, 1963
Box 1 – Folder 18
Goldovsky Opera Institute, By-Laws
Box 1 – Folder 19
Goldovsky Opera Institute, Contracts
Box 1 – Folder 20
Goldovsky Opera Institute, Correspondence/Memoranda
Box 1 – Folder 21
Goldovsky Opera Institute, Financial statements
Box 1 – Folder 22
Goldovsky Opera Institute, Meeting minutes, 1963
Box 1 – Folder 23
Goldovsky Opera Institute, Meeting minutes, 1964-
Box 1 – Folder 24
Goldovsky Opera Institute, Reports

Series 3: Press/Publicity Records

Box 1 – Folder 25
Newspaper/Magazine Articles, 1935-1962
Box 1 – Folder 26
Newspaper/Magazine Articles, 1963-1979
Box 1 – Folder 27
Newspaper articles, 1980-
Box 1 – Folder 28

Series 4: Correspondence

Box 2 – Folder 1
Biographical materials

Series 5: Libretti/Writings

Goldovsky Libretti:

Box 2 – Folder 2
The Bartered Bride
Box 2 – Folder 3
Box 2 – Folder 4
Idomeneo/Mozart (2 copies)
Box 2 – Folder 5
La Traviata
Box 2 – Folder 6
The Turk in Italy/Rossini (2 copies)

Other Libretti:

Box 2 – Folder 7
The Death of a Fascist by Wallace Dace (libretto to Puccini’s Tosca)
Box 2 – Folder 8
Verdi’s Falstaff – translation from the vocal score. Ricordi & Co. (1893). Reprinting 1944. With handwritten annotations

Memoir: My Road to Opera:

Box 2 – Folder 9
Chapter 1: Childhood in Russia, draft
Box 2 – Folder 10
Chpt 1: Childhood in Russia, draft, excerpt
Box 2 – Folder 11
Chapter 2: From Moscow to Berlin
Box 2 – Folder 12
Chapter 2: From Moscow to Berlin, draft, excerpt
Box 2 – Folder 13
Chapter 3: With Dohnayi in Budapest
Box 2 – Folder 14
Chapter 3: With Dohnayi in Budapest, draft, revisions
Box 2 – Folder 15
Chapter 4:  Josef Hofmann and the Curtis Institute of Music
Box 2 – Folder 16
Chapter 4:  Josef Hofmann and the Curtis Institute of Music, draft, excerpt
Box 2 – Folder 17
Chapter 5:  Fritz Reiner’s Great Opera Season
Box 2 – Folder 18
Chapter 6: My First Years with Rodzinski
Box 2 – Folder 19
Chapter 7: A Three Ring Opera
Box 2 - Folder 20
Chapter 8: From Tanglewood to Koussevitzky
Box 2 – Folder 21
Chapter 9: Two Mozart Triumphs, excerpts, drafts
Box 2 – Folder 22
Chapter 10: Farewell to Uncle Sergei

Shorter Writings:

Box 2 – Folder 23
The Story of the Goldovsky Opera Institute
Box 2 - Folder 24
The Riddle of Musical Tempo
Box 2 - Folder 25
History in Opera, a Verdi Trilogy; Note on Rigoletto
Box 2 – Folder 26
Other Writings

Box 3

  • Typed, edited manuscript of My Road to Opera
  • Proof copy of My Road to Opera
  • Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen: Intermission Scripts from the Met Broadcasts. Draft and related materials
  • Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen: Intermission Scripts from the Met Broadcasts. Master Copy

Series 6: Photographs

Photos with Goldovsky:

Box 4

Box 4 – Folder 1
Goldovsky Press Photos/headshots
Box 4 – Folder 2
Goldovsky Press Photos/headshots
Box 4 – Folder 3
Goldovsky at the piano
Box 4 – Folder 4
Goldovsky candids
Box 4 – Folder 5
Groups/Rehearsal photos
Box 4 – Folder 6
Groups/Rehearsal photos
Box 4 – Folder 6
Box 4 – Folder 7
Professional/Social events
Box 4 – Folder 8
Family/personal photos
Box 4 – Folder 9
Miscellaneous photos

Individual Press Photos/Headshots:

Box 5

Box 5 – Folder 1
Photographs ‘A’ (Mildred Allen; Edward Alley, conductor (2 photos – 2 copies of one); John Arab, tenor

Box 5 – Folder 2
Photographs ‘B’ (Marcia Baldwin, mezzo-soprano; Francis Barnard; Jacqueline Bazinet (2 copies); William Beck, baritone (2 copies); Anne Marie Belier, soprano (2 copies); Ara Berberian, bass; Carol Bergey (2 copies); Richard Best; Naomi Blake (2 copies)

Box 5 – Folder 3
Photographs ‘C’ (Thomas Clerke, tenor; Carol Courtman, soprano)

Box 5 – Folder 4
Photographs ‘D’ (Eric Davis, tenor (2 copies); J. B Davis, bass; Luisa De Sett (2 photos – 2 copies each); Enrico di Giuseppe)

Box 5 – Folder 5
Photographs ‘E’ (Rosalind Elias, mezzo-soprano; Lucille Englebright, lyric soprano)

Box 5 – Folder 6
Photographs ‘F’ (Naomi Farr, soprano; Maria Ferriero, dramatic soprano (2 copies); Constance Fisher, soprano; Norman T. Foster

Box 5 – Folder 7
Photographs ‘G’ (Lila Gage, soprano; Marguerite Gignac, soprano (2 copies); David Giosso; Frank Guarrera, baritone; Norma Guisti, soprano (2 copies)

Box 5 – Folder 8
Photographs ‘H’ (Donna Maria Hankla, soprano; Ewan Harbrecht, soprano; Lansing Hatfield, baritone; Paul Hickfang, bass; Ronald Holgate, tenor (4 photos- 2 copies of one)

Box 5 – Folder 9
Photographs ‘L’ (James Lawrence, Jr. President of NE Opera Theater Inc., portrait by Patricia Tate; Gwen Little; David Lloyd, tenor, 9 photos

Box 5 – Folder 10
Photographs ‘Mc- Mi’ (Marjorie McCleary; John McCollum, tenor (2 photos); Evelyn Mekelatos; Sherrill Milnes, bass-baritone (2 copies)

Box 5 – Folder 11
Photographs ‘Mo-Mu’ (Marquita Moll (2 copies); Mac Morgan, baritone, 2 photos (one a photo of a painting by Norman Rockwell (Duplicates of each); Mildred Mueller (2 photos – one in duplicate- postcards)

Box 5 – Folder 12
Photographs ‘O-P’ (Lucien Olivier, baritone; Eugenia Patryk, autographed; Robert Paul; Thomas Paul, bass/baritone; Mary Beth Peil, soprano)

Box 5 – Folder 13
Photographs ‘R’ (Benjamin Rayson, baritone (2 copies); Francesca Roberto, soprano (2 copies); Martin Rudel, bass

Box 5 – Folder 14
Photographs ‘S’ (George Shirley, autographed; Nancy Stokes, soprano)

Box 5 – Folder 15
Photographs ‘ U’ (Paul Ukena (2 copies)

Box 5 – Folder 16
Photographs ‘W’ (James Wainner, tenor (2 copies); Marguerite Willauer, soprano, 2 photos in duplicate; Nancy Williams, mezzo-soprano, 2 photos in duplicate; Shirley Winston.

Box 5 – Folder 17
Photographs, Individuals, Unidentified

Photographs – Opera Productions - Identified:

Box 6

Box 6 – Folder 1

Opera Productions - Identified:

Angelique/Ibert, Tanglewood?

Ariadne auf Naxos, 1951, Tanglewood

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Jerry Sien)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Eugene Green as Bartolo)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Justino Diaz as Basilio)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Vera Scemmon as Rosina)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (James Wainner as the Count)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Alexander Gray as Figaro)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962 (Anne Marie Belier as Marcellina)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Paul Hickfang as Basilio)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Paul Hickfang as Dr. Bartolo), 2 photos

The Barber of Seville ( 2 copies) (Rosina, Count Almaviva, Figaro)

The Barber of Seville (2 copies) (Rosina, Marcellina, Count Almaviva, Don Basilio)

The Barber of Seville (2 copies), Rosina and Dr. Bartolo

The Barber of Seville (2 copies) (Figaro, Count Almaviva, Rosina)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Jeannette Scovotti as Rosina; James Wainner as Count)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Dr. Bartolo and Marcellina)

The Barber of Seville, February 1962? (Crowd scene), 2 copies

Box 6 – Folder 2

Opera Productions - Identified:

La Boheme, 1964?, Crowd Scene (2 copies)

La Boheme, 1964?, Crowd Scene (2 copies)

La Boheme,  Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater

Cosi fan tutte, 4 characters, Tanglewood?

Don Giovanni, 1961 Tour (Spiro Malas as Leporello)

Don Giovanni, 1961 Tour (Marguerite Willauer as Donna Anna; James Wainner as Don Ottavio)

Don Pasquale, 1965?, (Therman Bailey as Don Pasquale)

Don Pasquale, 1965? (Mac Morgan as Dr. Malatesto; Robert Gay as Don Pasquale)

Don Pasquale, 1965?, (Earl Williams as Ernesto)

Don Pasquale, 1965?, (Jacqueline Bazinet as Norina)

Don Pasquale (Norina, Ernesto, and Don Pasquale)

Don Pasquale, Group scene with cake (2 copies)

Box 6 – Folder 3

Opera Productions: Identified:

L’enfant Prodigue (Debussy), 1953, Tanglewood

An Incomplete Education, 1953, Tanglewood

L’Incoronazione di Poppea, NEC, 1950?

Le Jongleur de Notre Dame, 1961 (2 copies) (Tommy Roll as the Juggler; Spiro Malas as Boniface; Justino Diaz as the Prior)

King Theodore in Venice, Act I, Scene 2

King Theodore in Venice, Act II, Scene 5

King Theodore in Venice, 1961, Tanglewood? (Theodore, Lisetta, Taddeo), Act II, Scene

Box 6 – Folder 4

Opera Productions - Identified:

Marriage of Figaro, November 1946    (Nancy Trickey as Susanna; Mildred Miller (Mueller) as Cherubino)

Marriage of Figaro, November 1947 (Robert Gay; Phyllis Curtin; Margaret Goldovsky; Francis Barnard)

Old Maid and the Thief, January 1947, (Norman T. Foster, Margaret Goldovsky) (2 copies)

Old Maid and the Thief, January 1947, (Evelyn Mekelatos as Miss Pinkerton)

Pelleas et Melisande (2)

Pique Dame (Queen of Spades), Tanglewood, July, 1951, 3 photos, crowd scenes

The Princess and the Pea, July 1954, Tanglewood

Box 6 – Folder 5

Opera Productions - Identified:

Rigoletto, Fall 1966 (William McDonald as Duke, Laura Nilsen as Countess Ceprano)

Rigoletto, Fall 1966 (Alexander Gray as Rigoletto; Lucille Perret as Gilda)

Rigoletto, Fall 1966 (Seymour Schwartman as Rigoletto; Lucille Perret)

Rigoletto (Adele Addison as Gilda)

La Rondine, couple scene, November 1958

La Rondine, November 1958 (2 copies)

La Rondine, November 1958 (2)

La Rondine, curtain call

Le Roi d’Yvetot, 1950, American premiere

Romeo and Juliet, 1955, Tanglewood

The Secret Marriage, Dec 1956 (Adrianna Knowles as Fidalme)

The Secret Marriage, Dec. 1956?

Box 6 – Folder 6

Opera Productions - Identified

The Telephone, (Tanglewood?)

Tosca, Act II

La Traviata, crowd scene, 2 copies

La Traviata, Nov. 1958, 2 characters, 2 copies

La Traviata, November 1958 (2 copies)

La Traviata, 1962? (Eric Davis as Alfredo; Maria Ferreiro as Violetta; Benjamin Rayson as the elder Germont)

La Traviata, 1962? (Violetta surrounded by her friends)

La Traviata, 1962? (Mary Beth Peil as Violetta, surrounded by her friends), 2 copies

La Traviata, 1962? (Norma Giusti as Violetta)

La Traviata, 1962? (Norma Giusti as Violetta)

La Traviata, 1962? (Norma Giusti as Violetta)

La Traviata, 1962? (Norma Giusti as Violetta with ?)

La Traviata, Violetta and Alfredo, 1962 tour?

La Traviata, party scene, 1962 tour?

Box 6 – Folder 7

Opera Productions - Identified:

The Trojans, March 1955, Crowd scene, 2 copies

The Trojans, March 1955, Crowd Scene, 12 different photos

The Trojans, March 1955, Ship

The Trojans, March 1955, One female (3 copies)

The Trojans, March 1955, Dido and her sister Anna(played by Marquita Moll and Judith Kelly)

The Trojans, March 1955, 3 soldiers

The Turk in Italy, 1962?

The Turk in Italy, November 1948?, (David Lloyd as Narciso)

The Turk in Italy, November 1948? (Arthur Schoep; Marshall Heinbaugh; June Garden, David Lloyd)

The Turk in Italy, November 1948?, Adele Addison; Marshall Heinbaugh; Francis Barnard; June Garden; David Lloyd

The Turk in Italy, 1961 (Arthur Schoep)

Zaide, 1955, Tanglewood

Box 6 – Folder 8

Opera Productions - Possible Identifications:

Albert Herring, group of children, August 1949, Tanglewood

Albert Herring, August 1949, Tanglewood

Albert Herring, August 1949, Tanglewood

The Barber of Seville, 1954-1955 tour

La Boheme, 1964 (Richard Allen as Marcello; Carol Courtman as Mimi)

La Boheme, Tanglewood?

Box 6 – Folder 9

Opera Productions: Possible Identifications:


Cosi fan tutte, January 1960

Cosi fan tutte (3)

Count Ory, August 1958, Tanglewood, full cast

Count Ory, August 1958, Nuns, 2 copies

Count Ory, August 1958 (scene w/ all women), 2 copies

Box 6 – Folder 10

Opera Productions - Possible Identifications

Don Giovanni, crowd, 5 x 7

Don Giovanni, 3 x 5 (2)

Don Giovanni, partial cast photo

Don Pasquale (2)

Esther/Meyerowitz, May 1958 (NEC), 4 characters

Esther/Meyerowitz, May 1958 (NEC), 2 characters

Griffelkin, Tanglewood, 1956 (2)

Box 6 – Folder 11

Opera Productions - Possible Identifications

Idomeneo, August 1947, Tanglewood

Idomeneo, crowd scene

The Marriage of Figaro, 1946-1947 (Mildred Miller as Cherubino)
Pelleas et Melisande, Dec. 1950 (2)

Box 6 – Folder 12

Opera Productions - Possible Identifications

Queen of Spades, Tanglewood

Riders to the Sea

Rigoletto, 1960?

Rigoletto, 1966, 5 x 7 (3)


Box 6 – Folder 13

Opera Productions - Possible Identifications

Tosca, 1963?, (Francesca Roberto as Floria with negative)

Tosca, 1963? (Francesca Roberto as Floria; Dean Wilder as Mario

Tosca, 1963? (Dean Wilder as Mario)

The Turk in Italy, 1961-1962

The Turk in Italy, 1961-1962, individual cast members, 5 photos

Box 6 – Folder 14
Opera Productions -  Unidentified photos (1)

Box 6 – Folder 15
Opera Productions -  Unidentified photos (2)

Box 6 – Folder 16
Opera Productions -  Unidentified photos, Tanglewood?

Box 6 – Folder 17
Opera Production - Scene Sketches

Box 6 - Folder 18
Opera Productions - Sets

Box 6 – Folder 19
Opera Productions - Set construction

Box 6 – Folder 20
Historic opera character sketches

Agnes Schebest als Romeo
Signora Bariti (Patti); Mutter der Abelina Patti als Romeo
Miss Poole in the Opera of Fidelio
Albanese Butterfly by Abshire
Scene from Don Giovanni (catalog aria?)
Costume design from Rigoletto

Box 6 – Folder 21
Historic opera singer photographs - Identified:
Emma Calve – 4 ¼ x 7
Sig. Del Puente – 2 ½ x 3 ¾
Emma Eames – 4 ¼ x 6 ½
Mme. Minnie Hauck – 2 ½ x 4 ½
Die Kammersangerinnen Viorica Ursuleac and Gertrud Runger in Cosi fan tutte – Clipping

Box 6 – Folder 22
Historic opera singer photographs - Unidentified

Box 6 – Folder 23
Image reproductions of famous composers

Gustav Mahler; Richard Strauss; G.F. Handel; Cesar Franck; Carl Maria von Weber; Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy; Franz Liszt; J.S. Bach; Robert Schumann; Ludwig van Beethoven; Franz Schubert; Richard Wagner; Joseph Haydn; Manuel de Falla(autographed); Claude Debussy; Frederic Chopin (from: Lamina correspondiente al libro. Historia Grafica Universal de la Musica por Kurt Pahlen. Individual plates)

Series 7: Subject Files

Box 7 - Folder 1
Biographical materials
Box 7 - Folder 2
Goldovsky Opera Library - Correspondence
Box 7 - Folder 3
Goldovsky Opera Library - Agreements
Box 7 - Folder 4
Goldovsky Opera Library - Additions
Box 7 - Folder 5
Goldovsky Opera Library - Inventories
Box 7 - Folder 6
Pierre Luboshutz Will

Series 8: Recordings

Box 7 - Recordings