Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) provides part-time employment opportunities within New England Conservatory to eligible students to help pay for incidental expenses during the year. In order to be eligible for a FWS award, a student must demonstrate financial need, as determined by his/her FAFSA results. The Federal Work-Study program is funded by the federal government with a matching contribution by NEC.

Through the Student Aide Program, New England Conservatory also provides opportunities to those who do not qualify for Federal Work-Study. Students who are ineligible to work off-campus or who have special skills are given priority for these positions.

Off-Campus Job Postings

Tutors for All

Over the last 8 years, Tutors for All has run 25+ programs, affected over 1000 students, and employed over 1000 college undergraduate and graduate students.  Tutors for All has now worked in elementary schools, middle schools, junior high schools, and high schools. This year the program has grown to include more full time staff members and is running more programs simultaneously than ever before.  In 2009, Tutors for All partnered with Third Sector New England, a non-profit organization which lends human resources, financial planning, and administrative support for growing non-profits. Tutors for All plans to continue its growth in the coming years. Its goal: the eradication of the achievement gap in Boston and (eventually) the United States.
Applicants MUST have been awarded Federal Work-Study by the NEC Financial Aid Office to be eligible for this opportunity.

Job Title:  Tutor
Job Description: Tutoring opportunities are currently available in the following programs:

  • MGH High School Program. Tutor rising 11th and 12th grade students in SAT and Accuplacer prep on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2:30-5:00 p.m. Location: 101 Merrimac St., Boston, MA 02114
  • MGH Summer program.  Tutor college students in a subject of their choice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm - 5:00pm Location: 101 Merrimac St., Boston, MA 02114
  • Codman Summer Academy Program. Tutor 9th and 10th graders in math Monday through Thursday from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. Location: 10 Epping St., Dorchester, MA 02124
  • Mario Umana Academy.  Tutor 8th graders in math on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00pm - 3:-0pm. Location: 312 Border St., East Boston, MA 02128.

Tutor responsibilities at all sites include:

  • Create lesson plan for student in preparation for each tutorial session
  • Execute lesson plan in math, literacy, academic mindset, or MCAS Prep
  • Proctor student assessments and tailor tutorial to fit student’s growing skill knowledge
  • Use creativity to engage student in difficult lessons
  • Serve as an example of college success for your student
  • Grade your student daily on participation, effort, and respect
  • Work as a member of a team of tutors who reflect, plan, and problem solve together with the help of two supervisors
  • Prepare progress reports for students
  • Periodic clerical work: filing curriculum, calling parents, etc
  • Hold students accountable for code of conduct
  • Attend mandatory training before start of tutorial program

Passion for working with Boston youth; adherence to strict professional standards as regards to conduct, dress, timeliness, etc.; eagerness to reflect on and improve performance
How to Apply:  Apply now to join an award-winning team of tutors and bridge the achievement gap in Boston! To apply, complete our online application:www.tutorsforall.org/tutoring.  NEC students who tutor via Tutors for All must submit bi-weekly time-sheets signed by their supervisor in order to be paid via NEC payroll.
Dates of Employment: 5/16-8/11 depending on program site

Tutors for All

Title: Marketing and Development Assistant
# of Positions Available: 
Supervisor:  Bob Hornstein
Contact: The NonProfit Center, 89 South Street, Suite LL02, Boston, MA 02111
Email: bhornstein@tutorsforall.org
Phone: 617.279.2445
Job Description: The Marketing and Development Assistant will be responsible for (1) Spreading public awareness of Tutors for All and its mission throughout Boston and beyond by managing our online presence, researching and following up on new opportunities for exposure, and creating new marketing materials. (2) Supporting T4A’s financial well-being by soliciting and securing funds through a combination of events, grants, and fundraising campaigns

  • Manage Tutors for All’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube) by posting relevant articles, blog posts, and program updates in order to boost social media presence
  • Assist with the production, layout, and release of our monthly newsletter and original web content
  • Create new marketing materials
  • Assisting with planning, logistics, and securing sponsorship for our annual fundraiser, Kickball for All
  • Research and apply for opportunities for financial growth such as grants, company sponsorship, and other partnerships
  • Process gifts, track donors, and engage in donor stewardship

Necessary Experience and Skills

  • Fluency with social media platforms mentioned above
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Flexible and able to shift between projects easily
  • Able to communicate effectively and regularly with multiple staff regarding status of projects
  • Passion for results-based academic interventions that close the achievement gap
  • Proficiency with Excel and data management platform preferred

Desired Experience and Skills

  • Previous work experience in a marketing or fundraising capacity
  • Knowledge of social media management (e.g. Hootsuite) and/or donor relations management  (e.g. Salesforce) platform preferred
  • Knowledge of video production and graphic design (e.g. Photoshop)
  • Previous writing experience via blogging, newspapers, or other publications

Schedule and Location: This position is from January – June 2016. This is a part-time (10-15 hours/week) position. Hours may be spread over two-four days a week (M-Th) in the main T4A office at 89 South Street, Boston MA 02111.
How to Apply: Email resume, writing sample, and cover letter to Mark Destler, Executive Director at mdestler@tutorsforall.org. Include position title in subject line.

Tutors for All

Title: Curriculum Intern
Location: 89 South Street, Boston, MA 02111
No. of Positions Available:  1   
Supervisor:  Mark Destler
Timecard Department:  340TFA
Job Responsibilities:


  • Summarize already-existing research around impact of Academic Mindset on student achievement.
  • Research and compile list of already-existing interventions that have shown a significant impact on Academic Mindset and student achievement
  • Summarize already-existing research around impact of Learning Strategies instruction on student achievement.
  • Research and compile list of already-existing interventions that have shown a significant impact on student use of Learning Strategies and student achievement


  • Work with Director of Programs and Program Manager to design new Academic Mindset element for Tutors for All.
  • Work with Director of Programs and Program Manager to design new Learning Strategies element for Tutors for All.
  • Work with Director of Programs and Program Manager to track implementation and effectiveness of Academic Mindset and Learning Strategies interventions above.


  • Schedule: Must be able to work in office roughly two to three hours per week. Otherwise, a flexible schedule is both offered and valued.
  • Comfort with basic principles of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Experience in research and interest in “non-academic” factors leading to student success a must; experience with research around these factors preferred.
  • Must be flexible and able to shift between projects easily.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively and regularly with multiple staff regarding status of projects.
  • A good sense of humor is preferred!

How to apply:  Please send a cover letter and resume to apply@tutorsforall.org. Only students eligible for Federal Work Study may apply.
Dates of employment: This position will run from July-August 2016.  Flexible hours and schedule available.
Pay rate:  $12

Boston Partners in Education

The organization's School Volunteer Program matches Boston Public Schools students in grades K-12 with volunteer academic mentors in response to teacher requests. Any Boston Public Schools teacher can nominate a student from any grade level to work with a volunteer in any subject. NEC students who work at Boston Partners are paid bi-weekly through NEC and must submit signed timesheets ona biweekly basis.

Contact: Peter Darling, School Volunteer Program Manager; Boston Partners in Education, 44 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210; 617.451.6145; bostonpartners.org

On-Campus Job Postings

Entrepreneurial Musicianship

Job Title: Office Assistant
# of Positions: 2-3
Supervisor: Tim Shneier, Coordinator, EM Music Referral Service, Entrepreneurial Musicianship
Contact info: timothy.shneier@necmusic.edu, (617) 585-1119
Job Description: Be one of the first to learn of auditions, grants & other music opportunities! The Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department seeks office assistants to work over the summer and next year. Duties include: adding listings to Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection; helping students, alumni, and the public with office resources; interacting with potential patrons and facilitating gig referrals; tracking information about gigs referred through the Music Referral Service.
Qualifications: Office experience; professional demeanor; ability to type and enter data quickly and accurately; ability to work 10-15 hours/week over the summer and 8+ hours/week during the school year.
How to apply: Submit your resume in-person in SB226 or email timothy.shneier@necmusic.edu. 

Concert Halls

Title: Recital Manager/Stage Assistant
No. of Positions Available: 10    
Supervisor: Bob Winters
Contact: Bob.Winters@NECMusic.edu, (617)-585-1263 office
Job Description:

  • When working as a Recital Manager, you will be responsible for managing all aspects of a student recital. Recitals take place in Brown Hall, Williams Hall, Keller Room, Pierce Hall and/or St. Botolph G-01. You will be responsible for both stage and front of house duties before, during and after a recital. Job responsibilities include but not limited to setting audience seating before recitals. Setting music stands, chairs, pianos and harpsichords during recitals. Control of stage and house lighting during recitals. Monitor patron access to hall during recitals.
  • When working as a Stage Assistant, you will be work with the full-time NEC Concert Halls staff preparing halls and rooms for rehearsals, recitals and/or special events. Job responsibilities include but not limited to moving music stands, chairs and percussion equipment in the halls. Resetting audience chairs.

Qualifications: Extreme wish to provide complete customer service to students, faculty, staff and external users of NEC’s recital spaces.
Previous recital management and/or stage crew experience preferred but not necessary. Must be available to work evening and weekend hours. Physical ability to set up and move chairs, music stands, percussion instruments and pianos. All pianos are on wheels but they are still heavy.
How to Apply: The best method of contact is via email although you can stop by office – Room B5 – basement level below Williams Hall.  

Spaulding Library

Title: Interlibrary Loan Office Assistant
No. of Positions Available: 1
Supervisor: Maria Jane Loizou
Contact: mariajane.loizou@necmusic.edu or 617-585-1248
Job Description: Assists librarian in processing Interlibrary Loan requests, and orders books and scores using online catalogs and databases. Does general office work, including distributing mail, packing and shipping boxes, and preparing address labels. Knowledge of foreign languages is extremely helpful, but not required. Applicant should be prepared to do other duties as assigned. Should be willing to work 10 hours Monday through Friday between 9 and 5 pm.
Qualifications: Previous library experience is preferred, but may be substituted by other office experience. Requires attention to detail, good customer service skills, and willingness to take directions. A positive attitude and a desire to learn is essential! Work study is strongly preferred.
How to Apply: Please call or email Maria Jane Loizou for a job interview (see above).