Tuesday Night New Music is a student-run, faculty-supervised concert series that offers the opportunity to hear music by the next generation of composers: current NEC composition students. The series is directed by Katherine Balch '14 Tufts/NEC and Sonnet Swire ’16, under the supervision of composition chair Michael Gandolfi.

Krish Jaiman, Jacob Rudin, and Jae-Hyun Hong provided the notes on their works.

Krish Jaiman Sur Sangam
Sonny Lalchandani, sitar
Rachel Panitch, Gabriel Terraciano, violin
Natalie Alper-Leroux, viola
Clare Bradford, cello
Liam Birkerts, bass
Colin Rosso, tabla
Jonas Tarm, conductor

Sur Sangam, in Hindi, roughly translates to the “merging of sound.” “Sur” refers to a tone/color/timbre in music. “Sangam” is a word that is similar to “confluence” or “synthesis.” It can refer to two or more separate bodies merging at a particular time, whether it is the unification of two or more bodies of water, frameworks of thought, or human bodies.

The listening approach to my piece is intended to be cerebrating and contemplative. It’s a harmonically passive and gradual piece, meant to invoke a bloom and decay of emotions through an Indian Classical nomenclature. The role of each performer, through a blend of precise notation and interpretable notation, is interactive and responsorial to one another. It was with this philosophy and required skill set I chose my performers and conductor.

Niki Harlafti Three Scenes for Solo Violin
Scene from a Hospital Bed - Scene from a Train Window - Scene from a Dark Room
Linnaea Brophy, violin

Robert Burdick Winter Light Suite
Kwan Yeung Brian Choi, violin
Kai Rocke, bassoon

Sonnet Swire Anathema
Maria van der Sloot, Jesse MacDonald, violin
Linda Numagami, viola
Sonia Mantell, cello

Jacob Rudin Threshold in Five Movements
Alexandra Simpson, viola

Threshold in Five Movements is a solo viola piece in which many different characters are explored through a single perspective. The viola functions as the perceiving vessel, traveling through shifting temporalities and tonalities in order to explore the various limits of these characters. The goal in each movement being to ascend to a threshold and, upon discovery, destroy it.

Jae-Hyun Hong Wandering
Wonmi Jung, mezzo-soprano
Sodam Lim, violin
Yi Yiing Chen, piano

This art song, a setting of my own text, is for every soul left alone in this beautiful world with their own loneliness.

Spring, oh Spring
Spring has come

I'm wandering on the street
I'm wandering in my spirit
looking for someone

My life is so tight with strict design
My desire is someone destroy my life

I'm wandering, wandering, wandering....
on the street

in my spirit

I'm wandering in this spring

Jonas Tarm Ballad for Solo Cello
Taeguk Mun, cello

Date: March 11, 2014 - 8:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Pierce Hall

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