Tuesday Night New Music is a student-run, faculty-supervised concert series that offers the opportunity to hear music by the next generation of composers: current NEC composition students. The series is directed by Katherine Balch '14 Tufts/NEC and Sonnet Swire ’16, under the supervision of composition chair Michael Gandolfi.

The notes on these works were written by the respective composers.

Stephanie Ann Boyd Dark Sky Soliloquy
First Violin: Léo Marillier, Hee-Soo Yoon, Linnaea Brophy
Second Violin: Ryan Shannon, Kiyoshi Hayashi
Viola: SuKyung Hong, Alexandra Simpson
Cello: Mo Mo, Zi Wang, Alan Toda-Ambaras
Double Bass: Aidan Phipps, Michael McClure, Brian McAnally
Kristo Kondakci, conductor

I had the opportunity last spring to visit my one and only childhood best friend, Jane, for the first time in ten years. Jane and her mother, Mary, have both been tremendously influential in my artistic endeavors, and now they have something very special in common: they both study the stars: Mary as a brilliant astrologer and Jane as an NYU Gallatin School astronomy student. This piece is both dedicated to their influence and inspired by their shared fascination with our universe. This piece was aptly written over four consecutive late spring evenings in my childhood bedroom with the windows open, letting in the eerie voices of the highway close by. I grew up listening to the night choir of the highway, hearing its melodies and eagerly absorbing its unearthly harmonies, many of which have been incorporated into this piece.

Dana Kaufman The Tides
Adrienne Arditti, soprano
Daniel Cho, Eva Aronian, violin
Alexandra Simpson, viola
Clare Bradford, cello

Luis M. Ruelos Romo Impresiones en el alma
Corey Gaudreau, baritone
Luke Park, clarinet
Lisa Fujita, violin
Taeguk Mun, cello
Kevin Jang, piano

Impresiones en el alma is a piece inspired by a poem in chapter 46 of the second volume of Cervantes´s book Don Quixote (II, XLVI). The piece reflects the conflict, drama, and even madness for love present in this poem. Being my personal philosophy to let the audience freely interpret my music, I do not want to influence any particular way of viewing this work. I will only share that the two contrasting themes intend to reflect the bitter-sweetness, ambiguity, and internal conflict proper of Don Quixote’s irrational love for his fantasized Dulcinea.

Mark Goldstein Peacock Princess No. 3
Allison Poh, flute
Eckbert Sierra, Daniel Pencer, alto saxophone
Lautaro Mantilla, guitar
Nick Neuberg, percussion

This piece is based on a rather potent excerpt from a short story by Karm G. Stelinod: "the peacock princesses are in the pony fortress. the rainbow ponies protect the pony princess district from great swedish octopus." In my own music, I have been trying to achieve (I guess, a slower version) of Stelinod's sense of the broken, yet somehow continuous line.

Guang Yang Before the Rainbow
Adrienne Arditti, soprano
Corey Gaudreau, baritone
Bi-le Zhang, flute
Zenas Hsu, violin
Zehao Sun, viola
Hui Weng, guzheng

Julian Korzeniowsky People Playing Basketball but with Cellos instead of Basketballs
Maria van der Sloot, Alec Lindsay, violin
Linda Numagami, viola
Sonia Mantell, cello

Date: December 3, 2013 - 8:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Pierce Hall

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