Ginny Latts, Early Musicianship Department Chair

At NEC Prep, our youngest musicians feel just as engaged and important as our most advanced students. Whether a child is exploring music for the very first time or has developed an early interest, we make sure that they receive a great musical foundation and have a wonderful time doing it. Our world-class Early Childhood faculty members are specialists in teaching beginners, and know how to get kids excited about learning!

There are several ways to take that first step, whether it’s by discovering their voice in Prep Chorus, dancing and composing (yes, composing!) in Eurhythmics, or starting an instrument of their choice. In fact, a significant number of Prep students begin their musical journeys at NEC as very young children, and grow with the program until they graduate from high school; and since our offerings are available on an à la carte basis, a family can control their level of participation all along the way.

Even if children go on to pursue other, non-musical interests as they grow older, the process of learning music teaches extremely valuable life skills: persistence, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration. As someone once said, “The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.” At NEC Prep, we have the privilege of contributing to both!

For information and enrollment into our programs for young children, please contact Ginny Latts, Early Musicianship Department Chair at or the Prep Office at or by phone at (617) 585-1160.