Music from the modernist ferment of the 20th century and the eclectic inventions of the 21st century bring vitality to New England Conservatory's concert programming. World premieres come from NEC's vigorously populated composition studies program, the composers who teach in this program, and the relationships built between NEC performers and distinguished composers outside our walls.

Among this year's visiting composers: Elvis Costello, who visits in October to work with songwriting students and give a public talk about his career; Judith Weir, in residence for the NEC Preparatory School's "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music" weekend in February; and John Zorn, who will be here in April.

Upcoming performances

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Past performances

2013-08-25 Orientation Recital
2013-09-16 Joshua Fineberg + Marilyn Nonken
2013-09-25 Tan Dun: Concerto for Orchestra (Marco Polo) North American premiere
2013-10-01 Ives, Liang, Yildirim
2013-10-08 Simon Bainbridge colloquium
2013-10-10 Colgrass: Winds of Nagual
2013-10-15 Agócs, Balch, Gandolfi, Heiss, Mallia, Minakakis
2013-10-16 Séjourné: Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra
2013-10-17 Berio, Brown, Feldman, Nancarrow
2013-10-22 works for wind ensemble by Firsova, Toensing
2013-10-22 New music by NEC student composers
2013-10-24 BSO Prelude Concert: Turnage
2013-10-24 Whitbourn: Annelies Boston premiere
2013-10-25 Ligeti Etudes discussion/performance
2013-10-25 Elvis Costello, Songwriter
2013-10-27 Frank Carlberg: Word Circus premiere
2013-10-27 John Heiss: Retrospective at 75
2013-10-28 Britten, Harbison, Heiss, Ligeti
2013-10-29 Carter, Cogan, Escot, Schoenberg, Schuller
2013-10-29 Open For'm: Chaya Czernowin
2013-10-30 Music of Fred Hersch
2013-10-30 Koto music, contemporary and traditional
2013-11-04 Agócs: Saint Elizabeth Bells world premiere
2013-11-06 Wadada Leo Smith on Ten Freedom Summers
2013-11-07 Smith: Ten Freedom Summers
2013-11-12 New music by NEC student composers
2013-11-13 Agócs: Shenanigan
2013-11-14 Harrison: Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra at MFA
2013-11-15 Staud + Phillips
2013-11-21 Dave Holland on his Prism group
2013-11-21 BSO Prelude Concert: Neikrug
2013-11-21 Music of Dave Holland
2013-11-22 Jaap Blonk masterclass
2013-11-25 NEC Jazz Composers Ensemble
2013-11-25 works by Gergely Ittzes
2013-12-02 Wuorinen: Spinoff
2013-12-03 NEC Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra
2013-12-03 New music by NEC student composers
2013-12-04 Music of Luciana Souza
2013-12-12 Music of Ken Schaphorst
2013-12-18 Of Invisible Cities
2014-01-13 Pintscher + Hersant
2014-01-15 Sviridov: Petersburg: a vocal poem
2014-01-16 Triangle
2014-01-16 Czernowin, Hyla, Rzewski, Zorn
2014-01-28 Berio, Britten, Harbison, Heiss, Schoenberg
2014-01-28 New music by NEC student composers
2014-01-31 Judith Weir chamber music masterclass
2014-02-01 Judith Weir composition masterclass
2014-02-01 New Music for Orchestra
2014-02-01 New Music for Piano
2014-02-02 Music of Judith Weir
2014-02-03 Rzewski: Four North American Ballads
2014-02-03 Electroacoustic Show
2014-02-04 Arthur Berger Memorial Concert
2014-02-05 Open For'm: Lee Hyla CANCELED
2014-02-09 Agócs, Lash, Schuller, Wyner Boston Symphony Chamber Players
2014-02-11 Schwantner: New Morning for the World NEW DATE
2014-02-13 Mingus, Schuller, Babbitt, Zappa CANCELED
2014-02-17 New music for saxophone by Amram, Horvit, Martino, Van Buskirk
2014-02-19 The Unconservatory
2014-02-23 Music of Larry Bell
2014-02-24 ECCE Ensemble
2014-02-25 New music by NEC student composers
2014-02-27 Jazz and the Struggle for Freedom and Equality
2014-03-06 Mingus, Schuller, Zappa, Babbitt
2014-03-06 Schuller, Bernstein, Tyzik
2014-03-07 Brookmeyer + Ellington
2014-03-07 Ives + Sigur Rós
2014-03-08 Schuller + Harbison
2014-03-09 Bolcom + Schemmer
2014-03-10 Crumb, Reich, Zorn
2014-03-11 New music by NEC student composers
2014-03-27 Merima Ključo: The Innovative Accordion
2014-03-28 BMOP "Boston Connection" concert
2014-03-31 Donald Crockett colloquium
2014-03-31 Ives + Schnittke
2014-04-01 Donald Crockett masterclass
2014-04-01 New music by NEC student composers
2014-04-06 Rihm: Tutuguri IV
2014-04-08 Chang, Copland, Harbison, Lerdahl, Ligeti
2014-04-10 NEC Jazz Composers Ensemble
2014-04-15 Zorn: Cobra
2014-04-15 Schuman, Husa, Tilson Thomas, Navok
2014-04-16 Jeremy Barnett
2014-04-17 Sun Ra Centennial
2014-04-22 Bending Brass: Microtonal Music for Brass Instruments
2014-04-22 New music by graduating NEC student composers
2014-04-23 The Dido Experience
2014-04-28 György Kurtág: Signs, Games, and Messages
2014-04-29 NEC Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra
2014-05-05 chamber music by NEC student composers
2014-05-08 4racas
2014-05-10 Schoenberg + Scriabin
2014-05-17 Commencement Concert
2014-05-30 Vanessa Morris
Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice
Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice
Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice
Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice
Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice
Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice
Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice

video: excerpts from Judith Weir's children's opera The Black Spider include "The Green Hunter," "The Wedding," and "Count Henry - Polish drinking song"