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Upcoming performances

A tip for concertgoers: Tuesday night is often "new music night" at NEC, so keep those nights open on your calendar.

2016-05-12 Sawyer, McDonald
2016-05-13 The Summers Case
2016-05-14 Zenkora: A Brief History
2016-05-18 Previn: Trio for Piano, Oboe and Bassoon
2016-05-20 A Far Cry: All American
2016-05-21 Klarman: Larger Than Life

Past performances

2015-09-30 Schuller: Dreamscape
2015-10-14 Moravec: Morph
2015-10-21 Dzubay: Snake Alley
2015-10-28 Glanert: Three American Preludes
2015-10-30 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-01 Ouroboros Trilogy in workshop: Naga
2015-11-04 Lang: International Business Machines
2015-11-05 Unsuk Chin: Do You Hear What I Hear?
2015-11-11 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2015-11-18 Torke: Black and White
2015-12-02 Crumb: Makrokosmos I, II
2015-12-05 works for solo cello by Binna Kim, Shulamit Ran
2015-12-07 Music of Derek David
2015-12-07 Wyner: West of the Moon
2015-12-08 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2015-12-09 Sheng: Tibetan Swing
2015-12-14 Contemporary Improvisation Salon Night
2016-01-20 piano music by Feldman, Wolff
2016-01-24 Music of Kati Agócs
2016-02-02 Arthur Berger Memorial Concert
2016-02-03 Schiff: Stomp
2016-02-10 Dutilleux: Métaboles
2016-02-11 George Tsontakis: Do You Hear What I Hear?
2016-02-18 Miller: Scream, Gilgamesh, Scream; works by Hembree, Ianni, Reynolds
2016-03-09 Adès: Studies
2016-03-09 Cardew, Stockhausen
2016-03-16 Kernis: Whisper, Echo, A Cry
2016-04-06 Chen: It Ripples
2016-04-13 Wuorinen: Grand Bamboula for string orchestra
2016-04-14 Crumb: Makrokosmos IV, Reich: Double Sextet
2016-04-19 Tuesday Night New Music
2016-04-20 Agócs, Crumb, Schoenberg, Swire
2016-04-27 NEC Philharmonia at Symphony Hall
2016-05-01 works for saxophone by Albright, Dressel, Kox, Moe
2016-05-03 Greek Modernism and Beyond
2016-05-04 NEC Composers' Series
2016-05-05 Copland: Variations for Piano
2016-05-09 Forrest: This Soul to Tend