Music for FoodMusic for Food is a musician-led initiative to fight hunger in our home communities, founded in 2010 by Grammy-award winning violist Kim Kashkashian. Concerts raise funds and resources to foster awareness and fight against hunger, empowering musicians of all ages who wish to use their artistry to further social justice.

Hunger is one of the most widespread challenges families face today, and one of the most crippling. Food insecurity has been shown to drastically affect performance in both the classroom and the workplace. Furthermore, it affects children's social and emotional development

Having completed its fourth season, Music for Food has established partnerships with hunger relief organizations, such as America's Grow-A-Row, Centre Street Food Pantry, Food for Free, The Greater Boston Food Bank, Sacramento Food Bank, River City Food Bank, and St. Peter's Cupboard, as well as performing arts organizations, such as Lawrence University, Lyrica Chamber Music, Mistral, Music Worcester, and New England Conservatory.

Music for Food sets forth a model that is replicable in every community, offering a forum for young and seasoned musicians to address the problem of hunger through the gift of music.

At its first concert of the 2013-14 Core Concert Series on Monday, September 23, 2013 at New England Conservatory's Brown Hal, MfF raised $2,653.60 in donations and an additional 70 lbs. of food, the combination of which was sufficient to provide 5,365 meals to those in need in the Greater Boston area.

In video above, musicians from NEC faculty and friends perform Brahms sextet on Music for Food concert.