MIE Internship Opportunities for 2014-15

Now entering its 16th year, the MIE Guided Internship Program provides NEC students with a broad array of opportunities in education. From teaching in public schools, designing innovative and personalized music curricula, working with community partners, and assisting with national music-in-education research initiatives, the MIE Guided Internship Program prides itself on providing pre-professional teaching artists with guided, individualized experiences.

Held to rigorous standards for preparation and implementation, MIE Guided Interns have been awarded fellowships from organizations such as the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, NEC's Community Performances & Partnerships program, the Research Center for Learning Through Music, El Sistema USA, and the Music-in-Education National Consortium.

The MIE Guided Internship Program aims to provide equal access to high-quality music programs for youth throughout the greater Boston area, and instill in them the values of lifelong learning, skill development, and appreciation for music in a range of contexts and environments.

Download the 2014-15 MIE GUIDED INTERNSHIP APPLICATION PACKAGE (Fillable PDF Form) Please note, this application replaces all previous forms and proposal guidelines. 


  1. Submit a Permission Request on PowerCampus for ‘MIE INT / Department / 01’ 
  2. Complete application and name your file: MIE Internship Fall 2014 (or Spring 2015) - YourName.pdf
  3. Email to randywong@gmail.com.
  4. Once your draft is approved, your PowerCampus permission request will be approved. You will then need to ADD the internship to your schedule prior to the end of Add/Drop. 

Students should contact MIE faculty member Randy Wong (randywong@gmail.com) with any questions. Applications due to Randy by email on THURSDAY September 11, 2014 (fall semester) or THURSDAY January 22, 2015 (spring semester). 

Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College is a private, coed Catholic liberal arts and sciences college, located near Fenway Park. And their music director, Greg Paré, is a NEC alum!! (M.M. Composition & MIE Concentration)  Greg has generously offered to host two interns. This is a fabulous chance to work in a college setting and be mentored by a successful NEC/MIE alum.
Solfege Intern
The Solfege Intern would conduct weekly Solfege lessons to a group of 15 college students for 30 minutes before their choir practice in the Emmanuel College Chapel. The timing of the lessons would be 6:30 to 7 pm on Thursdays during the semester. The students would be taught fixed-do sight singing, ear training, and rhythm study with conducting. A final project could be performed after a Sunday service.
Voice Intern
The Voice Intern would offer a private or group lesson once a week at Emmanuel to students of little to no vocal training. A final project could be performed and journals would be encouraged. A piano or keyboard will be provided, and if the lesson is a group lesson, it may be possible to have an accompanist.



Our flagship MIE internship opportunity at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Open to: Students of all majors/backgrounds!

NEC's MusicLaunch was founded in 2010 in partnership with the Wang YMCA of Chinatown (Boston), but beginning in Fall 2014, will move to the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.  MusicLaunch is an innovative community-minded music education lab, where programs and curricula are driven by the dynamic, multi-faceted, and versatile faculty of NEC's Continuing Ed Music-in-Education Certificate Program. MusicLaunch seeks to "develop the potential of every child" with its open enrollment (no audition) policy and classes that encourage music literacy from the ground up. Small-group lessons in guitar, band & string instruments, and recorder are also offered.  

Like BCNC, MusicLaunch is committed to promoting social responsibility, critical thinking, and socio-emotional development.  While many arts organizations focus on free performances as their way of giving back, MusicLaunch instead puts experiential, hands-on learning and multi-level (sometimes, multi-generational) instruction at its core. 

As a MIE Intern, you will help each child document his or her MusicLaunch experience through the year (in the form of reflective journals, video vignettes, and performance recordings), as well as assist MusicLaunch faculty with small-group or individual instruction. Open to students of ALL majors. MusicLaunch prefers students who can commit to the interning the entire year. 

Time Commitment: 

This internship takes place from 9:15-10:45 AM on Saturdays between Sept. 27, 2014 and Dec. 13, 2014 (Fall Semester), and Jan. 24, 2015 to May 9, 2015 (Spring Semester). Priority will be given to students who can commit to this internship for both semesters. Included in the 2.5 hrs per week is a mentor/intern sharing session to help facilitate and allow for flow of constructive inquiry. Program documentation is assembled on a semesterly basis into digital portfolios that make visible these poignant moments of learning and exhibit MusicLaunch's efficacy for all to see. 


Apply your CPP Fellowship As a MIE Internship

Every year, some of our most committed interns are those who are also in the CPP Fellowship program. In order to apply your CPP Fellowship as an MIE Internship, you must send Randy an internship proposal prior (before)  the start of the semester. First priority will be given to students who have taken (or are currently enrolled in) a MIE core class such as the MIE Intro course or MIE Teaching Seminar. 


Early Childhood Experience w/ Rock & Roll Daycare 

Rock and Roll Daycare (RRDC) is a music and arts immersive early childhood education center with a Montessori teaching philosophy. Students are organized into Infant (3-12 months), Toddler 1 (12-20 months), Toddler 2 (20 months-2.9 years) and preschool classes. Each group receives daily group music lessons taught by a different specialist every day. Preschoolers also take weekly private instrument lessons and participate in a "Music Exploration" period, modeled after the Montessori work period with a wide range of musical instruments available. We're currently expanding this explorations period to include visual arts, movement, and technology. Additionally, we have musical artists/genres of the month, which feature in group lessons as well as monthly concerts for the school.
Location: RRDC currently has two locations, one at 166 Prospect Street in Cambridge (ten minute walk from the Central Square T stop) and one at 527-535 Cambridge Street in East Cambridge (a five minute walk from Lechmere Station, or directly off of the 69 bus line from Harvard). We're planning on opening a third location in North Cambridge in November, close to the Alewife T station, and a Charlestown location in Winter 2015. 
As a MIE Intern: NEC students are welcome to observe classes at either location with advance notice, either as a "fly-on-the-wall" or actively participating in group classes and exploratory period. Any observing student must submit a CORI form through RRDC in advance of joining us at the school. NEC students working with RRDC would gain exposure to a wide range of teaching techniques from an experienced core of music educators.  
Time Commitment: Group music classes run from 9-10:30 at the East Cambridge location (527 & 535 Cambridge Street), and then the teacher moves to the 166 Prospect Street location for group lessons 10:45-12:30. Currently our music explorations classes run on Tuesday afternoons from 4-4:30, but this scheduling might change as we move into the fall. Students are encouraged to offer a performance/class at least once during the semester and would work with RRDC staff to plan and implement the program.

Specifically Seeking: Any students looking to work with young children. We want to expose our students to a wide range of instruments and genres, so a diverse pool of musical candidates are encouraged to participate. The ideal music partner at RRDC would be enthusiastic, engaging, and compassionate, with an interest in the development of the "Whole Child" through a strong foundation in the arts. Previous experience with young children is preferred, but we'd welcome the right candidate with a strong interest in this field.  

Classroom Cantatas

Bring Alive Classroom Subjects Through Words and Music 

In partnership with the Cantata Singers!

Specifically seeking: Singers, composers, pianists

Shadow professional teaching artists from the Cantata Singers and assist them with teaching elementary kids (grades 2-3) composition, vocal technique, singing, and basic performance skills. Kids compose and perform cantatas based on texts and themes integrated into their core curriculum. Help kids explore the language and rhythm of melody, giving shape to their individual voices while deepening their understanding of core subject matter and character. Learn more at http://www.cantatasingers.org/education/classroom_cantatas.htm


Time Commitment: 

This internship takes place for 2 hours weekly, observing Boston Public Schools holidays and intersession breaks. Specific dates/times to be determined, based on program availability. 


Integrating Chess, Math, and Music at the Atrium School

Be Part of an Innovative, Integrated Arts Curriculum!

Open to: Students of all majors/backgrounds; graduate students who have some chess playing experience preferred
You'll collaborate with chess program director and NEC alum Rob Flax to design, implement, document and assess how kids can simultaneously learn music, math, and chess, all while having fun.

Time Commitment: 
The internship takes place weekly on Fridays from 3:20-4:30 pm at the Atrium School. Transportation may be arrangeable. Interns will also meet weekly to plan lessons, design exercises, and measure program success. 


The Atrium School’s ‘Music Plus Music Integration’ Program

Open to: Students of all majors/backgrounds, but we are specifically interested in string players and improvisors.

We need interns to help document a really innovative, first-of-its-kind general music program. It’s built completely on MIE principles and frameworks, from the ground up, and taught by Beatrice Affron, Music Director of the Pennsylvania Ballet!! This program has been visited by movers/shakers across the country because of its inventive, interdisciplinary approaches to general education using music.

As a MIE Intern, you’ll help us study student academic growth and help us learn why music should be an integral part of every child’s curriculum. This internship is more 'action research'-oriented than it is hands-on teaching. If you have a yearn to learn about mixed-method qualitative and quantitative research, portraiture, rubric development, and creating (or interpreting) data displays (graphs, statistics, charts, etc.) then this internship is totally for you!  

Time Commitment: 

Flexible -- though generally 2 hours per week on-site plus travel and readings. You'll need a car for this internship, or live in Cambridge, as the Atrium School is easily accessible by bus from Harvard Sq. (#71). Unfortunately you will not be reimbursed for travel expenses.  You will also need access to a Mac with Excel (Numbers not OK) and be willing to install JMP statistical software on your computer. 


Boston Public School teaching opportunities

Open to: Students of all majors/backgrounds, but they are specifically interested in winds/brass/perc players, singers, and improvisors.

We have had interns in the Boston Public Schools for the last 10 consecutive years! These are popular internships and the opportunities go fast. Schools where NEC students have interned include:

  • Boston Arts Academy. BAA is an urban arts-focused charter high school with students who take a full complement of music classes (music history, theory, Solfege, ensemble, lessons)—in addition to their regular curriculum. Walking distance from NEC.
  • Roland Hayes School of Music. RHSM is a music-centric middle school in Roxbury. We've had interns teach music theory, harp ensemble, choir, and band instruments here. The school is a block from the Roxbury Crossing T-stop on the Orange Line. 
  • Josiah Quincy Upper School. JQUS is in downtown Boston (Chinatown) near the Tufts Medical Center T-stop. Students have taught composition, woodwind and brass instruments, music theory, and improvisation. 


Create Your Own Internship

Maybe you already teach somewhere… or have an idea of your own that you want to put in action. Talk to MIE Internship Advisor Randy Wong and see if we can help you make it into an official MIE Internship!