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Ruth Lepson

  • Liberal Arts

Ruth Lepson’s books of poems are I Went Looking for You, Morphology (with photographer Walter Crump), and Dreaming in Color. Her new book of poems is coming out this fall with Pressed Wafer. In recent years she has been collaborating with musicians, in the group low road and this past year with Box Lunch. Her groups have performed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Salem, and Lowell. Lepson has also edited an anthology of poetry from the feminist magazine Sojourner, which was published by the University of Illinois Press. Her poetry has appeared in Agni, Ploughshares, Jacket, Shampoo, Big Bridge, and many other periodicals. She has read her poetry on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and elsewhere, and has organized poetry readings for Oxfam America, taught in the poets-in-the-schools program in Massachusetts, and worked at Partisan Review. She has taught at Boston College, Bentley University (where she was for some of her years there poet-in-residence), Northeastern University, the Kennedy School of Government, and elsewhere.

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Photo by Andrew Hurlbut

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