Short-Term Disability

Eligibility: Employees whose regular work schedule is full time for at least nine months per year are eligible for short-term disability benefits after completion of one year of continuous service.

Benefit: Short-term disability pays 80% of regular wages for benefit eligible employees, calculated on an hourly basis, for a maximum of 26 weeks for any single period of eligible disability, or in any 52-week period. Under the Conservatory's Short-Term Disability plan, an employee is eligible to receive no more than 26 weeks of short-term disability pay within any one-year period. Before being eligible to receive short term disability pay, an employee must have exhausted all of their accumulated sick leave and accrued vacation, and provided medical certification of their disability. The Conservatory, based on the Certification of Health Care Provider will determine if the disability allows the employee to be eligible for short term disability pay. There is a fifteen-day waiting period before disability payments begin.

Short-Term disability benefits cease if you become eligible for Social Security Disability benefits or for Long-Term Disability Insurance (full-time employees only). Benefits will be paid only for periods during which you would have otherwise worked. Conservatory contributions to health and/or dental insurance will continue as will payments for non-contributory life insurance and Long-Term Disability Insurance for eligible employees. While on short-term disability leave, you will not accrue or be entitled to paid sick leave, paid personal leave or vacation.

This leave runs concurrently with any available Family and Medical Leave. At the completion of an approved FMLA leave period, the employee will be reinstated to his or her former position or an equivalent position within the Conservatory. However, the Conservatory does not guarantee positions beyond the 12 week FMLA period.

Long-Term Disability

Most absences from work due to illness or accident are of relatively short duration; however, some disabilities may last longer. The Conservatory maintains a group Long-term Disability Insurance Plan with a commercial insurance carrier. Employees may request a copy of the Long-Term Disability Insurance policy documents from the Human Resource Office. The policy and plan documents govern the terms of the insurance coverage. The descriptions set forth in the handbook are intended to provide a summary only, and these descriptions do not supersede, modify or replace the terms contained in the policy documents. Also, decisions regarding whether an individual's disability is covered under the policy are made by the insurance carrier and not by the Conservatory.

Definition of Long-Term Disability: Currently, the Plan defines total disability as the "inability of the employee, by reason of sickness, bodily injury, or pregnancy to engage in any occupation for which the employee is reasonably fitted by education, training, or experience." Each situation is fact specific. Not all medical or mental health situations are considered "total disability" under this definition. The insurance company (not the Conservatory) will make a determination as to whether an employee's situation constitutes a disability under its Plan. It is the employee's responsibility to complete and submit necessary paperwork to the insurance carrier on a timely basis.

Eligibility: All regular full-time employees are eligible for participation in the Plan after completing 12 months of continuous employment. You will be automatically enrolled in the Plan on the 1st day of the month following 12 months of continuous full-time employment.

If you change your status from full-time to half-time or part-time your long-term disability coverage will cease.

Definition of Total Disability: Total disability under this program is the "inability of the employee, by reason of sickness, bodily injury, or pregnancy to engage in any occupation for which the employee is reasonably fitted by education, training, or experience."<

Cost: The Conservatory pays the entire cost of the Long-term Disability Plan.

Termination of Employment: Your coverage ceases upon the last day of employment.