Center for Professional Development and Performing Arts Leadership

Beginning in 2017, NEC will provide career-transforming learning opportunities through a new Center for Professional Development and Performing Arts Leadership. Chaired by former Sistema Fellows Program director Heath Marlow, the Center is an initiative of NEC’s School of Continuing Education. Through a certificate program, electives, workshop series, institutes, and resource center, the Center provides musicians with access to essential career-building skills and opportunities. 

The Center’s flagship offering is a Certificate in Arts Leadership and Management. This program, offering full-time and part-time options, features a unique blending of content that draws on NEC’s leadership in entrepreneurship, community engagement, and social action through music. Representative topics include fundraising, finance, community engagement, and public speaking. Importantly, the educational experience is not limited to building practical skills. While external circumstances are ever-changing, this certificate program will help participants address the fundamental question, “Who do I have to be to find success and fulfillment in the performing arts?”

The certificate program's mandate is to help musicians effectively negotiate 21st century realities to build successful careers. In addition to acquiring important practical skills, the Center supports the development of the leadership qualities and self-awareness critical to finding fulfillment as a creative entrepreneur. 

At the same time, the Certificate offers an affordable avenue for students from all backgrounds to explore the world of arts administration. Future performing arts leaders will gain a competitive advantage through the acquisition of industry knowledge, leadership skills, and management techniques needed to make a difference in the performing arts sector.

Please contact Heath Marlow for more information.