Center for Professional Development and Performing Arts Leadership

NEC is preparing to offer career-transforming learning opportunities through a new Center for Professional Development and Performing Arts Leadership. Led by former Sistema Fellows Program director Heath Marlow, the Center builds on NEC's investment in creating an arts leadership curriculum designed specifically for musicians. 

The Center’s mission is to 1. guide musicians to build and maintain successful and fulfilling careers, 2. empower musicians to make relevant contributions to society and 3. ensure that performing arts organizations will thrive because of leadership well prepared to address 21st century opportunities and challenges.

In addition to acquiring practical professional skills, the Center supports the development of crucial leadership qualities and self-awareness. Through courses, a workshop series, summer programming, and a resource center, the Center will offer access to essential skills and experiences. At the same time, the Center will provide an avenue for musicians to explore the field of performing arts administration. 

The Center is currently in development. Please contact Heath Marlow for more information.

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