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Music Technology at CE


Contemporary Music Production and Technology

1 Credit: $725 per semester
Non-credit: $490 per semester
Michael Johnson, Instructor
Tuesdays 7:30-8:30PM

Required of all Certificate Students. This course is designed for the music educator looking to gain competency in music technology skills and application in the classroom or for an aspiring or professional musician wishing to experience new and emerging technology trends in the field of music. Contemporary Music Production and Technology covers the essential topics a musician should consider when exploring the use of computers and technology as related to the music experience. Discussions of the history of electronic music and musical elements will be examined. The fundamentals of music technology and the important role they play in music today are also discussed. Topics include multi-track recording, sequencing, music notation, home studios, computer and MIDI applications, sampling, microphones, physics of sound, sound reinforcement, virtual instruments, podcasting, iPad/iPhone Apps, music for multimedia and video games. In addition, students will gain competency in basic multimedia skills including web design, streaming audio and video and file sharing resources. The student will gain hands on experience in our music lab and will be the artist, composer, producer and recording engineer with a final product produced as an online electronic portfolio. No previous music technology experience necessary. This course qualifies for 15 Professional Development Points.Contact the Director of SCE for more information.

Music Production for Media (Online)

1.5 Credit: $1075 per semester
Non-credit: $725 per semester
Not offered this semester

This class is a continuation of the concepts studied and applied in Contemporary Music Production and Technology. It will focus further and in depth on the music composition and multimedia applications of MIDI systems and Digital Audio Workstations such as Pro Tools and Digital Performer as well as multi-track recording systems, techniques and sound design. All will be examined and employed for use in multimedia and musical-based environments which require essential skills for today’s musician.

The course will also address the fundamentals of theory and technical process for music in film, multimedia, corporate video, T.V. commercials, in addition to multimedia web authoring, and video editing. The student will gain further hands on experience in our music lab and will be the artist, composer, producer and recording engineer with a final product produced as an online electronic portfolio.

Prerequisite: Contemporary Music Production and Technology.

Finale Notation Software and Chart Writing


David Zoffer, Chair, NEC Preparatory & Continuing Education Jazz Department
1 CE credit: $725
Non-credit: $490
Mondays 6:30-7:30pm

Required of all Jazz Certificate students. Always wanted to learn computer notation software? Tired of not knowing how to make clear looking printed music for rehearsals and performance? Sharing his years of professional notation experience in Jazz, Pop and Classical music, David Zoffer starts this class with basic instruction in Finale notation software and gives students the ability to make professional charts based on the concept of developing empathy for the reader. In-class projects include: lead sheets (melodies and chords), two-line scores (enhanced lead sheets), rhythm section writing (drums, bass, guitar and keyboards), writing for vocals, changing keys, writing for horns, concert and transposed scores, part preparation, and through-composed (completely notated) scores. Also covered will be using Finale to make audio files as a tool for individual vocal or instrumental practice and composition. Finale software and MIDI keyboards are available for this course at the NEC Music Technology lab and NEC students can get a discounted price on buying a copy of Finale software if they so choose.

Prerequisite: This class also requires basic note reading skills (pitch identification on at least treble clef) and the ability to count rhythms in written music.