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Film Music at CE

The Art and Soul of Cinema:
An Appreciation of Film Music

Not offered this semester

This course fulfills the Music History/Literature requirement for Certificate Students.

This course explains the various functions of music in film and clearly describes the roles of producers, directors and all other roles in cinema and shows how they each relate to the composer and the musical score for a given film. The evolution of film music from 1895 to the present is discussed and examined covering many of the representative film scores, film composers and styles and trends along the journey. Functions of film scoring and the operational aspects of the film music industry are also discussed along with interviews of music editors, orchestrators, film music agents, studio musicians, music copyists, music contractors and others within the business. Composers will be further examined using video and audio excerpts, representative scores, biography and a listing of the composer’s recognizable compositional style.  This course is a must for movie goers, composers and film music enthusiasts.

Prerequisite: The ability to read and notate basic music notation (melody and rhythm).


Introduction to Film Scoring

Not offered this semester

This course introduces students to the aesthetics and craft of composing music for film.  Students will study and analyze important examples of film music, learn basic terminology and techniques of the craft, and will compose original music designed to accompany a visual medium.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.