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Chamber Music

Meghan CaryeChair

NEC Continuing Education's Chamber Music program becomes a core part of students’ social and artistic lives as players collaborate with other musicians who are as passionate as they are! All groups are coached by one of our faculty members for 14 hours each semester. Groups perform in one of NEC's performance halls at the end of each semester.

Chamber Ensembles through Continuing Education are offered at all levels. Our chamber ensembles encompass the following areas: Strings, Woodwinds, Piano, Vocalists, Brass, Guitar and mixed ensembles. Students may apply for chamber music as individuals or as a pre-formed group. Prior to registering, placement into an ensemble is done through a placement audition scheduled with the NEC School of Continuing Education. To schedule an audition, please contact us at 617-585-1701, or email

Chamber Music Ensembles and Duos


7 coaching sessions totaling 14 hours
1 credit or non-credit: $725 for groups of 3 or more players, $775 for duos (pianist and instrumentalist)

Small ensembles are coached by the department chair and faculty. We explore the great repertoire in detail combining the discipline of the highest standard of playing with an understanding of the music that enables you to play your best, getting past the limitations of purely technical considerations. You will get special notification of chamber music events at NEC, and there will be a festive concert at the end of the semester. This course is for high-intermediate to advanced players. Unless otherwise noted below, placement into an ensemble is done through a placement interview scheduled through the NEC School of Continuing Education.

To schedule an interview, please contact us at 617-585-1701, or email

Guitar Ensemble

1 CE credit $725
Non-credit $490

Class by audition only. Please contact SCE Guitar Dept. Chair, Devin Ulibarri, for availability.  Make beautiful music together! Experienced NEC School of Continuing Education (SCE) Guitar students will work together with other SCE students to prepare beautiful guitar music for performance. Repertoire will be chosen based on programming and challenge-level. Musicianship will be a main point of focus, so it is imperative that all students set adequate time aside to practice their parts and prepare for coached rehearsals with knowledgeable NEC faculty.

This class will get your group "Performance Ready"!

To schedule an interview, please contact us at 617-585-1701, or email

Renaissance Ensemble

Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm
10 Sessions. 
1 Credit: $725
Non-Credit: $490

The Renaissance is the largest and perhaps the greatest period of vocal and instrumental chamber music. Since each part has its own melody in the polyphonic web, the repertory is very satisfying for performers. This performance class will include a wide range of madrigals, instrumental music, and dance music. We will also work with some of the Renaissance improvisation manuals, such as treatises by Ortiz and Ganassi. The course is open to all advanced and professional vocalists and instrumentalists. Students will have the opportunity to perform and auditors are welcome.

Please contact John Tyson at 617-460-4653 or for a placement interview and more information.