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Brass Faculty

James Mosher, chair

Horn | Trumpet | Trombone | Tuba


For more details on how to sign up for lessons on the instrument of your choice, please see our Lessons page.

Certificate Programs

A Certificate of Merit and a Professional Studies Certificate are available in all brass instruments. Check out our Certificates page for more information.

Brass Chamber Ensembles

NEC Continuing Education Chamber Music program becomes a core part of students’ social and artistic lives as players collaborate with other musicians who are as passionate as they are! All groups are coached by one of our faculty members for 14 hours each semester. Groups perform in one of NEC's performance halls at the end of each semester.

Chamber Ensembles through Continuing Education are offered at Intermediate and Advanced levels. Our chamber ensembles encompass the following areas: Strings, Woodwinds, Piano, Vocalists, Brass, Guitar and mixed ensembles. Students may apply for chamber music as individuals or as a pre-formed group. Unless otherwise noted below, placement into an ensemble is done through a placement interview scheduled through the NEC School of Continuing Education. To schedule an interview, please contact us at 617-585-1701, or email

See our Chamber Ensemble page for more information.


Handel for Singers and Instrumentalists

To learn more, or to enroll in this course, please visit the Voice & Opera page.