Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser Sanborn (1876-1965)

Charles Augustus Weyerhaeuser, a successful businessman in the lumber industry married (Frances) Maud Moon of St. Paul, MN, daughter of a lumberman, in 1898. They had a son, Carl Augustus Weyerhaeuser and a daughter, Sarah Maud Weyerhaeuser. Maud Moon was a talented musician and active community member. She was prominent in the organization of the Musical Art Club of Little Falls. On March 3, 1919, the Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser Hall was dedicated as the permanent home of the club. The hall was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Weyerhaeuser to the communityand apparently Maud used to perform there. The Weyerhaeuser family stayed in Little Falls until 1919/20 when the Pine Tree Lumber Company closed. After the death of Charles in 1930, Maud Moon married Bruce W. Sanborn. Today there is a Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser Recording Studio in St. Paul, MN, which is owned by Minnesota Public Radio.

Physical description

This collection consists of 24 items including 22 photographs, 1 photo/postcard, and 1 piece of correspondence, also containing a photograph. Items stored in one envelope within the miscellaneous photo collections.


This collection was donated to the NEC library by Edith (Mrs. Carl) Weyerhaueser through Chester Williams on July 12, 1978. Edith Weyerhaeuser was a member of the Board of Trustees at NEC from 1953-1976. This collection had belonged to her mother-in-law, Maud Moon Weyerhaueser (mostly referred to in this collection as Mrs. Bruce Sanborn).


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