CI Audition Repertoire

Audition recordings are required for all applicants to NEC. After reviewing the recording guidelines, please upload your recording files as part of your online application.

Applicants must also submit a Contemporary Improvisation short essay in place of the third short essay topic in the online application. The essay should explain your reasons for choosing this major, including a short statement describing your musical influences and background.

Audition Repertoire Guidelines

Applicants should perform two pieces, at least one of which should be unaccompanied: 

  1. A re-composition of an existing piece which can serve as a point of departure to express your personal musical style. You should take a leadership role in the piece and be the primary soloist, arranger, and musical director.
  2. An original composition, another original interpretation of an existing piece, or a structured improvisation.

NEC encourages applicants to submit diverse repertoire, including works composed by women, people from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, and/or musicians from one's own cultural background.

Applicants may be contacted to arrange a streaming video interview and aural skills assessment (including interval and chord identification and melodic and rhythmic retention) in February or early March. There would also be a short written Aural Skills assessment.